Friday, 7 December 2012

Watch This Space prt 1

As previously threatened here's the first instalment of blogs I follow and why I think you might be interested to do so as well.

First up we have  Carmen's Fun Painty Time whose posts form a regular part of my pre-work browse. My mate Shaun made the recommendation to me and he was spot on!

Skirmish is Carmen's speciality of the 28mm and 54mm scale with some old school role-play figures and an occasional watercolour illustration thrown in.
What really impresses me is the quality of his work, paint and sculpt, along with his ability to actually complete projects on a regular basis.

Some are a little quirky but always high quality with plenty of "labour of love" care and attention lavished upon them.

Recent projects have been Dark Future-esque post apocalyptic spins on a ruleset that the author probably didn't have in mind.

Carmen's stuff just speaks to me and leaves me equal parts inspired and vaguely envious.

Frontline Gamer was another solid gold recommendation, this time by Stewart.

Mr FG is a big sci-fi gamer and does a very good job of keeping track of what he thinks is hot and more importantly tells you why.

With plenty of industry contacts he's always got a view on the main frothing points of the day / week / month but always seems to manage to keep it constructive with a healthy dose of reality.
His Sunday Sermons are a personal thought provoking highlight and the inspiration for my altered blogging content during my hobby hiatus.

To me Mr FG is something of a real world gamer and seems to maintain a hobby position that I think many of us would like to occupy. Kudos!

Anyway, hopefully I've spread some love and / or inspiration. Until next time :)