Thursday, 28 March 2013

Confessions of a Dreadball Coach II

Otherwise known as a night of Grab and Smash last night was Round 2 of the new Enfield Gamers Dreadball league. Somehow I've become league commissioner which is fine by me, I'm very corruptable :)

Two more games for the Tohn-Ghaa Titans, both at home, against Rich's Veermyn and then Charlie's Forge Fathers. Discussion was that Home advantage is a big thing for Orx and the Fathers as neither excel at chasing the game should they slip behind.

A couple of weeks ago myself and Chris had "forgotten" that Jacks can only move one square before Slamming, Stealing, Throwing or Striking so I had a bit more learning to do :) Trying to remember my previous games against Veermyn I started boldy with a 3 point strike on my first rush which just missed, immediately regretting not throwing in my one coaching dice.
Initial set-up. Can you spot the error?
I also tried to make sure that any Slam was supported by a friendly threat hex, as such. Along with buying a card and saving actions to move the ball this generally meant one per rush. As Rich kept his Gaurds back I went after any Strikers in my half. Despite inflicting casualties there were always more about. Going ahead Rich locked down the 3/4 point zone. Chasing the game I had to for either multiple 2 pointers or bust through. Going for the later I didn't quite pull it off for a final score of 3-0.

Several times I found myself with the ball but unable to move it for a strike at which point I wasn't able to defend the steal even when bunching up. Big learning point was how badly I needed to pick up a bonus action when picking up the ball. Combining with cards this makes all the difference. Two  gobbos with skill 3+ helps but isn't as good as four dice!

Trying to defend the steal.....unsuccessfully!
Mauling for the steal
Play opens up

Shutting up shop. An emerging tactic at tourneys.
After investing in a couple more coach dice Charlie and his Fathers gave me a good lesson in the Slam game. Not played against the stunties much but soon realised to target that one Slam a turn against his Strikers.Putting them off the pitch definitely hurt him and significantly reduced his Strike count though his Slams were quickly racking up.

Picking up an early 2 pointer forced Charlie to chase as and when he could and I kept up the disruption. My casualty box saw a fairly constant throughput with only several exploding dodge rolls limiting the damage though one Goblin met a fatally sticky end. Weathering the beating I managed a further 3 pointer late on to seal the game 5-0 whilst Charlie continued to lay a concerted beat-down.
Dance Gobbo, Dance!!
Poor dice early doors saw several missed strikes but at least I was getting into position to make them. I still instinctively resist using up my coaching dice too quickly but also that it's easier to defend a lead than chase one.

So, learning points;
1. Pick your slams. I've yet to see Slams alone win a game.
2. Bonus actions are the name of the game. Picking up the ball is where a rush starts and is criticial to where it ends especially for Jacks.
3. Use your coaching dice to get ahead, preferably when you can generate fan checks to generate some more.

Rich has also suggested to me that Gobbos need to make short passes as another way to generate bonus actions. Not tried that one so much or the more limited 2 pointer game. Something for next time!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Grinding it Out

As far as Painting Points go it most definitely wasn't the most prolific weekend but that's not to say I didn't achieve at least something........mainly on Skyrim.

With the snowy weather gifting me even more free time than I already had I realised that I didn't have a single current project figure prepped to go under the brush. As such I spent a fair bit of time tool in hand getting my Forge Father and Veermyn teams plus Gabe built and cleaned up along with Rob's Arbite and Charlie's Tech-Priest for Dark Heresy. 
Spraying everyone up, between the flakes, I tore myself away from the X-Box Saturday and Sunday evenings, Mr C was home so I was being polite :), to get brush back in hand. Fancying a few more single figures this is where I got to. Left to right, Tech-Priest semi basecoated, Gabe with his washes drying and Arbite West awaiting highlight. I did complete my Dreadball balls but I'm not going to stoop that low for a Painting Point.

Otherwise Friday night and most of Sunday was spent on the 'Rim turning oh so slightly evil whilst also engaging in a fair bit of mining, smelting, smithing and enchanting all to the point of turning myself a touch more big bad. Did go out and hit stuff too........and then bought a house, decorated it and stacked away my recent load of Dragon bone and scale.

They keep on finding me now, and generally just getting in the way. Shame I hadn't caught on to buying my own place earlier as I'd sold my previous load of bone and scales off. Oh well........only a game :)

Got five days off over the Easter weekend and, as well as actually leaving the house on occasion, have set myself the target of finishing at LEAST the Veermyn. Would like to get the Fathers done as well but still struggling for a scheme. I've done Black / Gold for Corp, Red / White for the Orx and will be going Camo Greens for the ginger Veermyn. When they arrive the Robots will be washed Metallics and the Z'Zor a bright Green / Yellow insectoid.

Blue seems the obvious choice, and seems to be the default scheme Dwarves of all ilks, but feels far to expected. The figures seem strangely under-armoured and I'll be painting an undersuit rather than skin. I don't normally do test figures might have to.

I'll let you know, otherwise suggestions on a comment would be very welcome!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Course Plotted

Thursday night was the latest instalment of Dark Heresy and we all managed to play nicely this time, well.....mostly though it wasn't me this time......not just me...........well, I didn't start it :)

Jynx suitably re-adjusted we actually got on with the adventure asking questions, lots of questions. Who else was on the boat into the besieged city with us? How was the war going, the siege itself? Once we got to the city we started questioning everything as along with everyone. Problem was there weren't a lot of answers.

It wasn't the Mr C wouldn't give us the answers, apparently they just weren't there to be had. "It was a free adventure the came with the GM's guide"

Pushing on we found out where the most recent disappearances had taken place. So unlikely in a city under siege but there you go...... Moving around the walls to reach the crime scene we stumbled upon a five man sally into the city, during daylight, right under a guard tower......apparently.

Anyway, other than the Arbite giving the guard a shout we decided it wasn't our fight. The suicide squad decided otherwise but we kept it non-lethal. Charlie missed the session but his Tech-Priest still out two of them on the floor. At that point they saw sense and left the city.

Reaching the crime scene by a more circuitous route we then started working out what had gone on. In short something with a human sized footprint, with a dozen extra toes, and a couple of pets had dragged a couple of bodies into the city. Tracking the trail into the warehouse district we established that some three shady cloaked types had been buying up the dead, acquiring a few of their own dependant on supply, having them delivered to an abandoned windmill which they shared with a dozen pets.
Staking the place out we trailed one of their number out on a midnight hunting trip with his share of the pets. Ambushing him on the way back he pets went down easy followed by our man showing off his plethora of tentacles and proceeding to kick our arses!

As the strength of our adversary became apparent more questions got ask, such a WTF?, but once again not too many answers. That free adventure again you understand. We all played nicely you understand. It was touch and go but we finally took him down with one of us conscious. Two weeks time we might just get some answers..........might :)

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

You Rebel Scum!!

In late change to the advertised programming a few noob games of X-Wing got played at the club last night.

For those of you that have played Wings of War it has unsurprisingly similar mechanics, hidden manoeuvre declaration etc, with some different bells and whistles to broaden the tactical options.

Said bells and whistles are suitably sci-fi, or even force-esque, with the ability to perform a number of additional actions just as long as you haven't just pulled a high stress manoeuvre. Different ships have different options as well as stats and produce a nice differential.

We had five of us playing, three Imperials with a pair of faster, nimbler but lighter TIEs versus two Rebels sharing a pair of X-Wings and the Falcon. Named characters, along worth variant pilots, are a nice edition with Darth leading some raw Imps against Han, Luke and Biggs.

We played through two scenarios, the escort of a Republic consular shuttle and a raid on a Rebel satellite chain.

Both games flowed well with co-ordinated flight plans and proper dogfighting skills a necessity. Combat is an opposed roll which hands heroes and advantage whilst still leaving them susceptible to Lady Luck. Biggs had a very poor evening in what proved to be an X-Wing overly keen to come apart at the seems.

In the end it was two Imperial victories though the second was by the skin with just one rookie left and Darth going for an in scheduled space walk.

Good fun and plenty of obvious quotes and app sound effects. I was glad to have played, its a good solid game with very nice figures, but it didn't leave me begging for more or desperate to flash cash.

Board Game syndrome, as in just another? Probably doing it a disservice, I'd definitely give it another go.

Not sure just how strong the force is with this one is just yet.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Hello again people. Shorter post today and something of a tangent but stay with me :)

A couple of Sundays back I ran my first half marathon, Milton Keynes in the freezing cold. As I result I retired my current running shoes and replaced with this particularly virulent paper. Stay on target, .....almost there!
The box they came in I've turned into a Blue Peter light box, cutting out a section of the front and spraying the insides white. I also picked up a mini tripod for my camera and transferred my "shoot" to the dining table.

So here's John Doe finished up. I went for a German Uniform drab grey-green to contrast his skin-tone with orange and white accents. Rather pleased and think I've settled on the scheme for my Nameless team once I invest in them.

Photos are still a bit yellow. I did pick up a replacement bulb for my secondary lamp but dropped it on the kitchen floor. Tomorrow ill pick up a new one and update.

As an aside I had to drop into my local GW to pick up the white spray and had a quick paint restock while I was at it. Ended up having a browse through the new range and was impressed with some of the new shades so picked up a couple. As something that passed me by during my hobby hiatus I really should take a closer look.

That'll be the nerd in me rising to the surface, just as well its club night :)

Monday, 18 March 2013

Wargamers Anonymous

My name's Steve and I'm a wargamer....or am I?

Saturday afternoon Ian was good enough to host one of our irregular nerd-fests. Pushing through a mound of spicy pulled pork rolls and nibbles we played our way through the first four Zombiecide missions for a total of five games (one wipeout).

We refer to these as fun games and regularly feature Zombies!!, various flavours of Munchkin, War on Terrpr and other multi-player offerings.

Over the past couple of years I and we have made a steady shift towards skirmish gaming for various reasons, mainly level of investment required based on time to table as much as anything. It seems like board, card and a couple of dice games have become more prevalent.

We get to have fun so are happy enough but have lines started to blur? Do or should we care? New 40k was dabbled with and maintains a presence but Dreadball is club flavour of the last couple of months. Pre 40K it was Mordhiem and Necromunda, Blood Bowl has been usurped.

Kickstarter is full of new shinies competing oh so effectively for our hobby cash. How many of these are full "proper" wargames? Plenty of skirmish and boardgames from what I've noticed but precious little else.

Gates of Antares was one such offering asking for a mere £300,000, as compared to Zombiecide's seven figure status, but didn't make it due at least partly to lack of tangible product. Is a "proper" wargame on KS just too much to produce?

So what is a "proper" wargame? One that needs a minimum of a 6'x4'? One with figures that are intended to be painted (AT-43)? Something at least platoon sized?

I'm not sure that I play "proper" wargames at the moment, for a variety of reasons. I'm sure I'd like to, Muskets & Tomahawks and SAGA would fit for me, but I don't seem to mind too much right now.

Should I though? Should you??

Friday, 15 March 2013

Confessions of a Dreadball Coach I

Tuesday night saw the revamped Dreadball league kick off applying the Season Two league rules, which to my current knowledge involves a 6MC appearance fee and a reanimation with risks method for those indispensable star players.

Having had some reasonable success with my Human Corp team I'm determined to run, and hopefully work out, my Orx the Tohn-Ghaa Titans. First team off of the painting station they appeared a few months ago at The Copperbowl tourney at Tabletop Nation. Winning one game from four wasn't great but two of losses were close with just the one landslide.

Deep defence meant I struggled to reply
Having now played enough to claim a decent grasp of the game I've been mulling over the best tactics to employ. There's been some virtual chatter that Orx have it hard without strikers and I certainly found it a lot easier with Corp.

At The Copperbowl all my losses were against Veermyn and it was commented at the time that it wasn't the greatest surprise. Post event chatter suggested that if I'd concentrated on slamming his Gaurds off the pitch life would have been easier. Maybe, lets find out!
Heavy line-up
Aggressive attack

Doing a bit of pre-analysis I have Orx Gaurds and Goblin Jacks.

Orx main strength is slamming. Slamming is an opposed roll with the differential following through to the Armour. Maximising the differential is the name of the game being most challenging in the case of Veermyn Strikers along with Orx and Forge Father Gaurds. Getting some threat hexes on is the obvious way to go, hunting in pairs maybe.

Targeting the right opposition players is crucial and with a speed of 4+ the odd Dash or Evade to get there is a viable option that I hadn't initially considered. For some reason I'd convinced myself it was 5 and no-one told me otherwise until this week.

3 point strike!
Red Goblin Down!

Goblins main strength, or at least best stat, is their speed (3+) so therefore their ability to Dash, Evade and Steal, as well as getting up off the floor. So basically they're fairly quick and nimble on their feet and generally need to be. Unfortunately as a Jack they can only move one square before performing a Slam, Steal, Strike or Throw.

As such bonus actions from doubling, especially when picking up the ball, or cards are crucial. Non-Striker status means that 2 and 4 point strikes are only possible as stationary. I've tried chasing a game with 1 pointers, and that doesn't wash, so 3 pointers have got to be the priority! Starting with 1 card and coaching dice means by as many of the former as possible and using the later to generate fan checks whenever possible.

Anyway enough thinking, I learn much better by doing, or do-notting (Yoda word). First round of the league and I'm drawn against Chris and his Orx The Incredible Bulk. No bad thing, always had an excellent game of whatever we've been playing and more chance to see what the greenskins can and can't to do.

Not going to go rush by rush but across two games we managed to learn a few things;
The game winner!!

1. Pick your slams and support whenever you can. In our case it was far more effective to take out each others Goblins and limit each others ability to move the ball around. Taking a player out for 3 turns is almost half the game.
2. Keep a couple of Orx in your own half to defend with and a Goblin near your own strike zones to block the easy shot and return missed strikes.
3. A Goblin and an Orx just past the centre line for pick ups and clearing out with your last Goblin goal hanging for 3 pointers.
4. Picking up the ball on a double is HUGE! A lot of this will be luck.
5. But a cars EVERY turn, you WILL need it
6. It is possible to make a strike every turn, dashing will get you into position to do so.
7. All the basics still apply, think about your sequencing. Slam first, Strike second.

Across both games, the second being a friendly, I won by 1 in the final rush and then by a landslide, which was more down to Chris' poor strike dice, so they are possible.

Luckily I picked up +1 skill for two of my Jacks which will make those pick up doubles much easier. Cash probably needs to go into Coaching Dice to help out with striking.

We shall see :)

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

An Inquisitor's Staff has a Knob on the end........

.....a knob of the end, a knob on the end!!

Last Thursday night was Dark Heresy night and featured our latest member, Ryan, who fitted in pretty much instantly, the HAL 9000 T-Shirt was a good start. Ryan has joined us with a Hive-born Assassin, which nicely bolsters our combat potential.

Ryan has the pleasure of having the same employer as our GM, Mr Christian, so took particular pleasure when we managed, indirectly (honest), to give him quite a hard working evening ;)

Poor, poor lad....

Called to our next briefing we first stopped in at a local arms dealer trading in our stash of nearly new Arbite carbines to upgrade Rob's shotgun. My coin flip came up not paranoid, so a bit bolshy and with Ryan's assistance harangued Mr C into a better deal than the one he didn't want to give in the first place.

Eventually turning up, a little late, I showed my distaste for my new employment by going for a bit of "la la la not listening" followed by a round of "An Inquisitor's Staff has a Knob on the End" much to the amusement of all but one.

Finding out that we were heading to sort out a Feudal world civil war myself and Ryan tried setting up a gun running deal with another local armourer. We were indulged briefly then not so much.

The voyage was uneventful with but a few negative comments towards my character until planet-fall was achieved.

Coin flip turned to paranoia and a Dex check face plant granted howls from the local deck crew. I went for a spiteful revenge Spasm.

"They pass their willpower check". No dice roll. I repeat to the same result. I keep going until I get a Perils of the Warp check briefly disappearing into said alternate reality. My paranoia kicks off big time and I hug a passing leg until dragged from the pad.

Detouring to a local hole in the wall we attempt to rig a boxing match via Spasm betting most of our wedge much to Mr C's chagrin who is already bemoaning our lack of plot progress it were having fun ;p

Gaining a vantage point on a gantry I'm set upon by four Jock types and a brawl ensues. Ryan steps in whilst our comrades prefer to watch. Hard pressed, punched to the head, I go all paranoid flagellant on Jock 1 and succeed in taking off his head, rather literally, just as a dozen plod roll in and all make a bee line.

Having kicked off I apparently have no choice but too charge, so do whilst waving around Jock 1's head. Ryan melts back into the crowd which is fair enough. I wake up in a holding cell with a load a load more bruises.

Charlie's Tech Priest goes down the negotiation route to secure my release but runs into red tape and a hefty fine he can't afford to pay. He goes official demanding my release as a member of the Inquisition. No dice .....literally.

He threatens to inform the governor and then attempts to do so but can't get past his aide who he threatens with with Ex-Communicatus and other unpleasantness.

No dice, no dice, no dice.

Apparently our Inquisitor and the Governor used to play golf together! He does manage to transfer the funds though as Charlie wasn't in on the bet or the winnings.

Grainy CCTV....not a poor IPhone photo

Meanwhile I've come round, I seem to do this a lot, and continue to be a paranoid skitso with a persecution complex which doesn't seem entirely unfair and seems to be catching amongst the group. After numerous threats from multiple parties we head for the local transport . The spaceport is a huge rig in the sea and we're quickly gouged a huge fee to get to dry land or at least it seems so. We're going to have deep into our winnings as otherwise we don't have the wedge.

Tempers amongst the group fray with the feeling that the price wouldn't be so high but for our ill gotten gains. Several of us feel that we could just leave this planet to its fate at this rate. All it needs is one paranoid malcontent to set it all off...........

At this point Mr C looses his rag a bit too and things get a bit heated. Not happened before but were mates so all sorted our quick enough.

Interesting point that as well as learning a new game system and the dynamics of its setting the dynamic between players and GM needs to learnt as well. Much will be dependant on experience levels, real life that is.

What is the groups motivation to play but what also is the GMs motivation to provide that? As players with plenty of campaigns on the clock we look for tangents and quite enjoy a bit of anti-hero now and then. As a fairly new GM Mr C enjoys the control of running through the scenario and "ticking the boxes".

Everyone has bad days and in honesty we all got a bit heavy handed. We also have a group joke of "all against Mr C" that has stood for many a year in the best possible way. The learning process is more than just the rules :)

As Mr C is firstly my mate as well as landlord, house-mate and GM we have a bit of a chat about how we each see my character's characteristics and how they can be played. We admit that we both find my (character) issues frustrating so a little modification has been agreed upon. Flagellant goes and the character points re-spent, I'll just have to spend some time actually reading the rulebook, never my strongest suit.

The sacrifices one makes for ones gaming group :)

Monday, 11 March 2013

Shedding Light

Been a little while but some painted figures for you all. Working on a better photographic setup. Picked up another angle poise at Tesco this evening along with the weekly shop so that's two next to the lamp stand. Still not 100%, think I need to get more stability for the camera but thing I've lost the little tripod I had. Arm of the sofa probably isn't best either!
First up is Slippery Joe in Tohn-Ghaa colours. Not so many Dag kill markings as he is only a goblin, even with a 'tasche. Well needed as a Striker in an Orx team.
Running in next is Wild-Card aka Foxy Cleopatra. Just fancied going for something a little different and possibly a touch of affirmative action with the Dreadball Galactic League.  

Bringing up the rear is Jynx my Dark Heresy dude. Brash confident chap about the Black Ships above, super freaky paranoid chap below! Neither incarnation seems to get on with the 41st Millennium particularly well.......or the GM ;p

Clear bases from Fenris Games. Like them, plan to use them for all the Dark Heresy figures. Next up is Rob's Arbite and a set of Dark Vengeance cultists. Elsewhere the Forge Fathers are built but I can't decide on a scheme. The Veermyn remain in bits but I know where I'm going with the brush!

So, 8 Painting Points in the bag and some progress on photos, need to sort out a light box and a tripod. Interesting how Jynx's shots have a more yellow wash to them which I put down to the sodium bulb on the new angle poise.

Illuminating :)

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Kick Me

So I've finally managed to have a nibble at the bullet and back my first KickStarter in the shape of Zombiecide 2.

After my previous wranglings I went in at Inmate level for $100 on the basis that with rapidly falling stretch goals I was getting a feck load that I'd be more than happy with. Being a complete KS noob I wasn't actually aware of the whole pledge manager bit which makes a great deal of sense.

It also allows for what I now refer to as Pledge-Drift.......

As a pledgee I've been recieving almost daily e-mails as further stretch goals have fallen, very quickly I've become almost expectant of getting more and more for my money.

I've also very quickly started racking up a number of optional extras that I'd like to add So far I'm looking at adding all of the additional survivors, Fred, Dakota, Lea and Rick.

Adding a set of Seasson 1 tiles seems like a no-brainer (sorry ;p) as it would be easy to get hold of a copy of the Season 1 rules and for a tenner how could I loose going for the Toxic Mall tiles on top?

That's an extra $80, almost double, with another 22 days to go. I'm still getting a really good deal and the extras are OPTIONAL after all but is my extra spend being influenced by the stretch goal freebies? Surely it's not unfair for me to indirectly pay for all those extras.

I was a GW manager for 6 years so I know the sales model very well.

Don't get me wrong this isn't a whinge, just some commentary from a KS noob. I get the feeling that my experience may be being skewed by a horrificly successful campaign but that seems to be a regular event with this industries KS campaigns.

As such I feel that I can experience the point that this may not be such a great thing for such a niche industry, is it sustainable? I'm getting more so I spend more to get yet again more. As a result I'll be spending, painting  and playing less elsewhere.

Not unhappy, still gonna pledge and carry off my loot. Does that make me / us part of the issue / problem? Just saying

Friday, 8 March 2013

Dreaded D

Last Tuesday at Enfield Gamers Rich ran myself Charlie an Mr Christian through a game of Skirmish Sangin. Each of us ran a pair of Delta operators looking to snatch one of Bin Laden's lieutenants as he left the local Al Jezeera office. Rich ran the Taliban with great gusto

A quiet street in downtown Durka-Durka-Stan
 Allowed to deploy as we wished, other than the Al Jazeera compound (bottom left) we, eventually, settled on the two main buildings and the corner of the street on the far left feeling the need to cover the options if our man didn't take the obvious route to the car park (top right)

The game had been billed as roleplay-esque and it proved to be so. Nice simple percentile based with plenty of sensible modifiers giving plenty of scope of action. The need to spot targets and not assume line of sight adds to the roleplay element.
Dreaded apparently!!
Being Dreaded D we had elite stat lines but still needed a good slice of luck. Charlie's boys almost got spotted early doors as one the Tallys wandered in to his building. Thankfully he managed to drop him silently and Tango 1 though slightly spooked continued on his way.

Our luck continued as the GO order was given. Myself and Mr C capped the escort while Charlie jumped, literally, on Tango 1. Our silenced weapons and clean kills meant minimum noise or fuss. Even Rich giving himself the chance of accidental fire couldn't produce the gunfire that might bring his reinforcements running.
Insurgent goats??
Taliban reinforcements advance up Ram-a-Dang-a -Ding-Dong Street
 Eventually a local on a trail bike got suspicious and rang the local Tally hotline. We completely failed to spot him and Rich's dice managed to convince the Warlord picking up the call that it was almost a second invasion force.

By this time we'd bundled up Tango 1 and fallen back to the car park to await pick up.....
Only to get shot....

A couple of waves of Taliban came on from random entry points and a proper firefight ensued. Locals and goats legged it as Al Jazeera waved a couple of cameras out of the office window and started to broadcast live to the nation. Not quite the real time info we were looking for!

As such target identification and acquisition became crucial. As a Black Op we had no rules of engagement, or support assets, but it didn't take too much brainpower (even for Yanks) that civvy casualties live at 5 weren't the best idea. 
Fall back to car park for pick up by SUV
A 40mm parting gift via UGL delivery!
Taking fire, but thankfully no hits the SUV Cav turned up just as the Tally boys made a concerted effort to rescue Tango1. Bundling in to the vehicles as they stormed the car park we made our exit covered by an exploratory UGL round. Thankfully it found it's mark rather than overshooting into the Al Jazeera offices.

We screeched away to a text-book success, other than the local press coverage. Hacking T1's phone we now have a location for the main man himself!

A good fun game, we'll definitely be playing through the follow up mission. Skirmish Sanguin played well giving us a good feeling of free action. Luck was definitely on our side and it will be interesting to see how both we and the game copes with more figures on the table.

Stay tuned..........

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Mice and Men

Who's a pretty boy?
Been busy in the real world so no brush-time, or games actually, so far this week, hopefully tomorrow.

Now that I've re-established myself somewhat, hobby-wise, I've been looking at what I want to be doing for the next little while, I was going to use the phrase "set my goals" but this is toys after all :)

Prior to the break SAGA and Muskets & Tomahawks were the priority. Not so much scope for that at the mo but still something I'd like to get to sometime this year.

Dreadball has got my hobby mojo going again. The league / tourney days have been good fun and given me deadlines to paint to which is always helpful. Going to take my Orx in a new club league with the objective of learning how to play with them better.

I still have the Forge Fathers Veermyn and a couple of MVPs to get painted up, which WILL happen, just need to sort out schemes plus I have the Dark Heresy roleplay figures for some variety.

Finally joining the revolution I've actually fronted up some Kickstarter money. This is for Dreadball Season II, tagging onto the club's previous pledging, and so going for something proven that I'm already involved with, made a commitment to and getting a return from, rather than going out on a limb, which is still how I see it but that's just me.

Being relatively restrained I've gone for the Robot and Z'zor teams, as something properly different along with some MVPs to boost them, plus Buzzcut for my Orx, the Cheerleaders and the Season II rulebook. At just under £60 I'm more than happy with what I'll be getting.

REALLY keen on The Nameless but I'll chuck some money at them when the obligatory Season III drive kicks in :) Not like I don't have enough to keep me busy until then.

Just this evening I've clocked onto the Zombiecide Season II Kickstarter as well. As I've previously bleated I missed out on the original much to my chagrin. I could go super full-bore and pick up EVERYTHING but as you may have noticed that's not my preference.

Will leave the original as WE already have Shaun's copy available. Will be going in with Prison Outbreak as it's a standalone. Will definitely be adding on the Zombie Dogz but not sure about tagging on Toxic City Mall.

This, at £66.50 or.....
.....a bit more for £100
Still being a bit cautious about these thing Inmate seems like plenty, especially with the stretch goals already hit and those likely to fall in the future. But that's thinking about it like a monthly purchase, stick on the never never and I can spread everything out. Interestingly between Dreadball and Zombiecide that's a minimum of three / four month's spending and upto twice that in available hobby time accounted for. I was thinking about an Antares rulebook and a full set of Hasslefree's White Ops......but they won't be happening for a while...for various reasons :)  I can see the point's that some smaller figure producers have been making. Furhtermore it's notable that I'm investing in Boardgames rather than Wargames, though the zombies and survivors feed into St Peytersburg 1990........eventually!!