Saturday, 9 March 2013

Kick Me

So I've finally managed to have a nibble at the bullet and back my first KickStarter in the shape of Zombiecide 2.

After my previous wranglings I went in at Inmate level for $100 on the basis that with rapidly falling stretch goals I was getting a feck load that I'd be more than happy with. Being a complete KS noob I wasn't actually aware of the whole pledge manager bit which makes a great deal of sense.

It also allows for what I now refer to as Pledge-Drift.......

As a pledgee I've been recieving almost daily e-mails as further stretch goals have fallen, very quickly I've become almost expectant of getting more and more for my money.

I've also very quickly started racking up a number of optional extras that I'd like to add So far I'm looking at adding all of the additional survivors, Fred, Dakota, Lea and Rick.

Adding a set of Seasson 1 tiles seems like a no-brainer (sorry ;p) as it would be easy to get hold of a copy of the Season 1 rules and for a tenner how could I loose going for the Toxic Mall tiles on top?

That's an extra $80, almost double, with another 22 days to go. I'm still getting a really good deal and the extras are OPTIONAL after all but is my extra spend being influenced by the stretch goal freebies? Surely it's not unfair for me to indirectly pay for all those extras.

I was a GW manager for 6 years so I know the sales model very well.

Don't get me wrong this isn't a whinge, just some commentary from a KS noob. I get the feeling that my experience may be being skewed by a horrificly successful campaign but that seems to be a regular event with this industries KS campaigns.

As such I feel that I can experience the point that this may not be such a great thing for such a niche industry, is it sustainable? I'm getting more so I spend more to get yet again more. As a result I'll be spending, painting  and playing less elsewhere.

Not unhappy, still gonna pledge and carry off my loot. Does that make me / us part of the issue / problem? Just saying

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