Friday, 31 December 2010

End of the Year Show

No jazz-hands I promise but as this IS the last post of the year a number of cliches/ traditions will have to observed.

One of the least obvious is my continuing penchant for all weather barbequeing to mark the last roleplay session of 2010.

The session itself was a bit of a blinder. Near the conclusion of our ongoing quest we negotiated the second and third challenge room, of four, before being able to move onto the BIG SHOWDOWN.

We ended up having to use BRAINS rather than brawn, which was all very shocking to those involved.

The first was a room of evil mirrors so we hid under cloaks and didn't look at them. The second was a big room full of poisoned blood and two whipping statues, obviously, which demanded much from my skills of dexterity and stealth.

We prevailed, eventually, with myself retaining a total of 7 from my 47 hit points and that was after the delivery of an emergency Healing Potion and the use of my second wind. I may have to paint on a few scars!
I've also finished the Chin boys with a combination of free-hand (NOT a speciality of mine) and transfered details. I've also put a tatt meaning "Ox" on the fat lad's leg which coincidentally covers an errant mould line!

12 more PPs taking me to 272 for the year against a target 0f 240. Particuarly pleased to have sorted out my copy of Space-Hulk and to have kept the RPG side of things going strong.

Same again for next year I think, see you then :)

Monday, 20 December 2010

Return of the Chin - Prt 1

Well, LIFE and the season have done particualry well at shackling me recently but I have made SOME progress. Hopefully the photos below show sufficient difference to those in my previous post.

I'm particuarly pleased with the skintone as I've never been particuarly good with human flesh. This time round it was Tallarn Flesh washed with Devlan Mud then highlighted with the TF and then Dwarf Flesh. Pleasently surprised I didn't move on to the Elven Skintone which seem to hate me so.

I want to add some Manga-ese symbols / script / tatoos so there's a little more work, and research, to do.

Maybe a little more work on the yellow???

Sunday, 12 December 2010


Well, what do you know? Two posts in a row involving actual painted figures n' that.

As previously on Oddleg's Enterprises, these chaps were purchased at Warfare from Second City Games with a great deal of pre-meditation invovled.From thier Triad range I've taken my time get the base colours on right inline with my Manga-esque theme.I was a bit unsure about halfway through so employed that old ruse of painting the bases to get a bit of context going on.

I'm particuarly pleased with the co-ordinated undersuits and Mr Sumo is just begging for a Tat or two. I wouldn't want to disappoint!
The two guys flanking are actually Bounty Hunters but work well enough whilst introducing a bit of variety.

This time I've even taken the shots in appropriate lighting conditions prior to wash.

New trick..old dog??

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Take Cover!!

Another quickie to claim a few more Painting Points and something to hide behind.

Purchased from Second City Games at the Warfare show a few weeks back it would have been all too easy to slap on a quick paint job, viewing them as ONLY scenery and chuck them in with the rest.

Wanting to continue the Manga-esque theme I've made heavy use of various Tau transfers that were sitting about, applying them prior to the wash and weather stages. Suitably dirtied i'm fairly happy with the final result, though some of the transfers' edges haven't blended in as well as I'd of liked but it's nothing terrible. So, 6 crates and 3 barrel stacks. 5PPs seems fair.

Moving on I'm finally back to painting some actual figures. Purchased along with the barrels and crates I've been looking forward to subjecting them to some brush-time.

They shall also be suitably Manga-esque. My Sci-Fi muse is on the rise!And finally, though I'm wary of subjecting you to much more Rugby, here's a shot taken from Wasps' game, hosting Exeter, last Sunday. For a while there we thought that the fog might force abandonment and the ref was having a bad one anyway!

At one point it was all very "gorillas in the mist" with black and white shapes charging into a falling out of rucks punctuated by the odd whistle blast!

Plenty to entertain the crowd with Wasps running out 24-12 :)

Friday, 3 December 2010

It's a funny old game :)

Just a quick one as last night's D&D session was something of a classic that had the vast majority of us in absolute stitches!

The sketch on the left is for a half-face tatoo, of my design, that I put onto our, currently, Lawful Good Paladin. The two stars are positions for symbols of the chaotic evil / misunderstood god Bahamat :)

Said tattooing took place, unsurprisingly, whilst MrC's chap was bloodied, bleeding and sparko on the floor.

The night started with us picking up from where we'd left off and bursting through a door to catch three Gnolls by surprise.

Thier attention was occupied by four of thier pet hyenas baiting a wounded Dire Boar. Having "dealt" with the Gnolls and thier pets MrC decided that said Boar would make a "cool" mount.

Myself and Charlie lept upon the idea egging MrC ever onwards, through barely controlled mirth whilst Rob sniggered uncontrolably into his shoulder.

Despite the DM's tone and general demeanour a barrage of "Animal Friendship" tests followed. By this time we'd encouraged MrC into it's sty and convinced him that all he had to do was "show it who's boss". Law of the jungle and all that!

Thus Mr C found his Paladin bloodied, bleeding and sparko on the floor and I couldn't resist.

Following from this hilarity we knocked off a high priest and the Good characters panelled a Daemon, which was the main point of the adventure.

The other was to have FUN. We did :)