Sunday, 12 December 2010


Well, what do you know? Two posts in a row involving actual painted figures n' that.

As previously on Oddleg's Enterprises, these chaps were purchased at Warfare from Second City Games with a great deal of pre-meditation invovled.From thier Triad range I've taken my time get the base colours on right inline with my Manga-esque theme.I was a bit unsure about halfway through so employed that old ruse of painting the bases to get a bit of context going on.

I'm particuarly pleased with the co-ordinated undersuits and Mr Sumo is just begging for a Tat or two. I wouldn't want to disappoint!
The two guys flanking are actually Bounty Hunters but work well enough whilst introducing a bit of variety.

This time I've even taken the shots in appropriate lighting conditions prior to wash.

New trick..old dog??

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