Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Take Cover!!

Another quickie to claim a few more Painting Points and something to hide behind.

Purchased from Second City Games at the Warfare show a few weeks back it would have been all too easy to slap on a quick paint job, viewing them as ONLY scenery and chuck them in with the rest.

Wanting to continue the Manga-esque theme I've made heavy use of various Tau transfers that were sitting about, applying them prior to the wash and weather stages. Suitably dirtied i'm fairly happy with the final result, though some of the transfers' edges haven't blended in as well as I'd of liked but it's nothing terrible. So, 6 crates and 3 barrel stacks. 5PPs seems fair.

Moving on I'm finally back to painting some actual figures. Purchased along with the barrels and crates I've been looking forward to subjecting them to some brush-time.

They shall also be suitably Manga-esque. My Sci-Fi muse is on the rise!And finally, though I'm wary of subjecting you to much more Rugby, here's a shot taken from Wasps' game, hosting Exeter, last Sunday. For a while there we thought that the fog might force abandonment and the ref was having a bad one anyway!

At one point it was all very "gorillas in the mist" with black and white shapes charging into a falling out of rucks punctuated by the odd whistle blast!

Plenty to entertain the crowd with Wasps running out 24-12 :)

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