Tuesday, 15 May 2018


For I number a touch more than you thought I did!

So, as is blurrily apparent I built and base coated all of my Legion, barring the AT-ST and T47. It turns out to be a few more figures than I realised when they were all in separate piles around the place.

It's all able to be put on the table now, though as mentioned previously I'll be working my way through the Rebs first. Based White and the Zandri Dust they've all had a light brown wash to bring out the detail, pre-brush.

This has highlighted the fact that due to the softer state of the Pl-esin that I believe that they're made of the level of detail isn't as sharp or crisp as you'd expect from plastics. Not the end of the world but something to keep in mind for painting. With four squads I'm looking at varying the camo;

Squad Alpha: Mid-desert brown Splinter
Squad Beta: Mid-desert Pea Dot
Squad Charlie: Khaki and Dark Grey (Rogue One)
Squad Delta: Mid-desert Tiger Stripes

Vader is Vader. With two Lukes it'll be Tatooine Tan and Jedi Black. I already favour the dark side :)

Compared to Rebel pre-shade I've gone for zenithal sprays of Black. The Fang (Blue-Grey) and White for the troopers. Possible a touch more grey-white than I originally envisioned but nothing I'm unhappy with.

I've told myself that it's troopers to the front of the painting queue with walkers as a bit of a break in between squads. This is why the T47 isn't prepped for paint yet. That and it currently seems difficult to get your points back from it

Still not had many games but I'm away for most of June so I'll wait until I get back to start putting in the reps. That will also allow for Leia and, hopefully, the Commandos to hit the shelves and hopefully even up the Wave 1 Meta a touch. That's not a complaint, more fact of life. Legion is a good game with plenty of depth that rewards intelligent play. I'm definitely in for the long haul.

I definitely need to apply some discipline on this one. Though I've already given in and ordered a Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor from Shapeways to stand in for Leia and Luke......

Rule of cool ;)

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