Sunday, 26 June 2011

Bingo, Bango, Bongo

Mornin' all!

A quick update before I disappear to the land of no I-Phone connectivity for another couple of days. As I'm sure everyone already new I haven't achieved as much as I might have liked to but I have achieved SOMETHING.

Specifically I've done an amount of work for the next stage of the Star Wars RPG, the star system and detailing a new "hub" location.

Plenty more to do but I've got a dozen good adventure hooks surfacing and as long as I stay one session ahead I'll be fine :)

With a bit of unexpected brushtime yesterday I also finished off the Ghouls and Ghasts to add and extra 10 PPs to the months tally.

Actually painted the skintones properly, or as well as I can (not my strongest point), rather than trying another drybrushed short-cut.

Next week I'll see if I can't work up a few St Peytersburg scenarios. Wish me luck!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Business Un-usual

As I prepare for an enforced fortnight away from the brushes courtesy of a two week residential training course (which should actually be pretty good) so a quick WIP post, despite the relevant page's recent existence!
Pretty much straight copies of the Wights on Otherworld's site (if you can't beat them join them!) about half-way done. Need to bring the skin up and blend in the purple hands and feet. Maybe some blood splatters?
Wanting to use the Ghouls as Leaders for the Zombies I've gone for the same dark / medium / light skin-tones. Dark is just about there but the others need a bit more work. Drybrush and wash so far and I probably need to stop trying the shortcuts and paint them properly. I'm just not that great with human skin-tones. Challenge time!

I'm not going to try to take any paints and figures away with me but a pad / pen / laptop combo to work on some St Peytersburg and Star Wars background and scenarios.

Probably can't do better than I-Phone posts for a while so you'll just have to settle for that. Always leave them wanting more :)

Friday, 17 June 2011

Pocket Battleship

No, not the Graf Spee more Corellian Cruiser.

Before Star Wars the other night there was a bit of a group effort to finish off building all of the Pocket Model ships that I picked up form flea-bay. I'd made most of the fighters, being easier, but charlie noticed the slot / peg coding which finished the job. Well done that man!

No PPs but a job well done, sometime soon we might just get to use them!

Loose Ends: The Jedi - Struck Back

A bit more Star Wars RPG last night and apparently "It's not paranoia when you know that they're out to get you!" accordingly to Charlie.

Despite being a couple of players light it took quite sometime for the boys to settle on a plan for their eventual assault on the hanger containing their ship The Centennial Sparrow. Unfortunately part of their party had been spotted entering the city and the guards went onto high alert making stealth an as risky option as frontal assault.

In the end they went for a combined approach rigging an explosive cargo-sled delivery to the front door whilst hacking the side door.
Things went well enough early on but bogged down a little with the guards dropping back into the cover of various stacks of barrels and crates. With a stand-off developing that they didn't have the time for the Jedi once again stepped forward into the fray.

Initially I winced as this has generally meant that Jon has something dastardly effective up his sleeve. This time however his Force Push wasn't as useful as he had hoped or I had assumed. Switching to Plan B he skipped through my battle-line into a handy piece of cover.......almost!

His route brought him into view of the Repeating Blaster gunner who was set to cover such an eventually and duly opened up on him. Bloodied Jedi down, we got a bloodied Jedi Down!
Having to force the pace Mr C soon joined him, yet again (3 times this adventure now!) whilst the remaining two guards covered behind a crate and ran into the ship respectively.

At this point the lights flickered off to be replaced by the emergency version and the doors of a shipping container swung open and out strode Reinholdt, the battered Sable Dawn Dark Adept with his final Dark Marauder bodyguard who had escaped them at the previous warehouse showdown.

With the Jedi on the floor he once again clicked his fingers to Mind Control Charlie / Sindori, the group's most effective still standing fighter despite the damage that this caused him (Jon's previous Sever Force) via the Force Relay that the group had failed to identify and deal with at the previous warehouse showdown.

Cue maniacal laughter and an add break....... 'til next time on..... :)

Thursday, 16 June 2011

It's life Jim, but not as we know it!

Somewhat Other-Worldly in fact as I've managed to finish off a few more of St Peytersburg's more super-natural residents.
Not so much Good vs Evil but I wanted to clearly define a Ghost and a Shade against each other and couldn't resist bony hands to lend a little contrast. Plenty of obvious drybrushing but I also tried out a number of different coloured washes.

I had ideas for wolfy here that don't quite seem to have worked out fully. Didn't want black & grey and tried to get lighter but "natural" patches of fur across his chest, inner arms and thighs etc.

Possibly I've tried a bit more than the figure can take? Not sure but not unhappy with the result.
Inspired by playing Red Dead Revolver: Zombie Apocalypse I picked up a pack of Wyrd Miniatures / Malifaux coffins as detail scatter scenery. The chains definitely add to their suitability.

Nothing too difficult so 5 PPs for the lot. No more likely for the month whilst I'm away with work for the next fortnight with the intention of working on some scenarios.

I've also got the Ghouls and Wights well on their way whilst ignoring the half done Perry Civilians despite their stares. I should also sort out a more dedicated photo set-up.

Jobs for the list!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Odes of Frank "War" Arnus Prt IV

Finally back to the action after a couple of weeks of delays the boys pulled a home match against Ludus Meridianus Londinium Peregrinus run by self renowned Gallic Lanista, Arsanus Vengerus.

With two of these new Retarii at the Ludus I thought it was about time they started returning my coin and sent them out for the first two bouts with instructions to use the net early. Both did as I told them, just as well, going hard from the off (chucking in plenty of bonus dice) but neither managing to snare their man (to the cost of plenty of bonus dice !)
Estaban was at least in an equal fight and after opening a number of wounds his opponent eventually raised two fingers to the gods and the first bout was mine!

Alfric, my latest addition and strong yet unskilled, however was obviously outclassed and was soon blowing hard whilst the Murmilo closed in on him. The gods smiled on him enough for him to dodge a lusty blow and inflict a steadily bleeding wound.

Roaring defiance his superior opponent refused to yield fighting on only for him to over-reach again and sprawl upon the sands. Alfric took his chance and speared him hard in the belly. This time no raised fingers were possible or needed!

With the day won I sent in Mehmet the undefeated Hoplomachus whilst Vengerus had difficulty even fielding a match. One swift spear strike to the leg saw him felled and Mehmet's status enhanced.

Another victory for Ludus Arnus! All i have to do now is keep my men as my men...... or move a little closer to Rome...

Open the wine!!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Who killed the Radio Star?

Video killed the radios star!

Tonga's Sipi Tau on what was a particularly disgusting June afternoon. Apologies for the lack of editing but this is all rather new to me.

Tonga fought hard but lacked finesse and conceding 3 penalty trys speaks volumes about their set piece whilst England's over eagerness fed them a number of penalties to work from. 41 - 14 was probably fair in the end.
As impressive as always was the partisan crowd's response to the visitors with plenty of applause for their efforts at every opportunity. They can't have enjoyed the conditions or the result but they played proudly, never failed to entertain, and were greatly respected for doing so.

The true beautiful game?

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Second String

Tomorrow i'm off to Gloucester to watch England Saxons to take on Tonga.

Some years ago we found Crash Tackle, a Rugby Board game, and re-played the 2007 World Cup. I got Tonga and became slightly obsessed getting an official shirt from flea-bay plus afro wig for the day and haven't looked back.

They have thier own version of the Haka, the Sipi Tau, and I can't wait. Doubt they'll win but that's not the point!

Meanwhile I've painted my remaining Gladiators and gone for a simple raw linen scheme a la Selonius' Ludus.

Very pleased. Easily as good as the first lot and really like the simplicity of them. 14 quality PPs!!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Bumps in the Night

Last night was a non-club Tuesday so I hosted a second play-test of St Peytersburg / AWI Zombies / Fear and Faith around at mine. Many thanks to Rich, Rob and Chaz for subjecting themselves to my part-formed gaming theories.

Despite not provding too much biscuit wise I was at least somewhat more prepared this having actually fully read through Fear and Faith, with some bits ported across from Drums and Shakos. It also helped that Rich, inevitably (in a good way), had plenty of input when the rules were actually written! I had finally realised that the rules are a bit less roleplay than I had imagined with EVIL as a proper force option.

It was another forage scenario with Zombie generation stemming from the searching of various locations. We even used the proper dawn / dusk rules though Fear was a complication that fell to the wayside on the night.

Once again we didn't get too far, mainly as we were discussing / tuning mechanics as we went (thanks again!)but the feedback was that it was a good Zombie game so i'm happy with that!

What I really need to work on is a number of scenarios to be played one on one, with possible "automatic" beasties and the evil forces and lists. Basically, more time with the laptop rather than the paints,...fair enough. In fact i've soon got a couple of weeks away with work so that fits!

Meanwhile have some action shots and remember....don't have nightmares!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Men from U.N.C.L.E

Today the club hosted a 7TV campaign day, run by the mercurial Mr R Jones, attended and supported by Crooked Dice Games, Ainsty Castings and no less a personality then Mr Kevin Dallimore.

For various reason I didn't play in the campaign but spent the majority of the day thoroughly enjoying and extended four way demo.

As I'm sure I've mentioned previously I've played a little bit before but this game really brought things together for me. Finding my natural evil-osity myself and Ian colluded to take out a London peace conference with a payload of nerve gas.... in a nice way of course!

My force include four Fem-Bots a set of which I have somehow acquired as a bit of variation to my recent pewter splurging. I'm also looking at clear acrylic bases, which I'm not too sure about but have seen about and am willing to give a go. Very good of me I'm sure!

A good day was had with all and especially the club as other than myself and Ian's "achievements" Shaun came joint 1st and Jon won the painting prize as judged by a certain painting living legend. I was also incredibly impressed by the tables provided by many of the players, shots below.

The day ended with chatter about spin offs into other genres with Will Smith style Wild West proving a popular potential. A wicky wah wah!!

Friday, 3 June 2011

Death or Glory?

Another Star Wars RPG session last night that didn't get quite as far as I thought it might have, not that its a problem or anything.

We first had a chat through my ideas for serious injury generation, see a few posts down, which everyone was happy with even Mr C who is likely to be most affected.

Perhaps the lack of protest had something to do with the bumper supply of biscuits the Aaron provided!

More likely it was the fact that we actually had a proper look at the damage rules regarding death and discovered that all but two of the party would have experienced said event to date if we'd been using them.

Basically if you're reduced below 0 hit points by a hit that is greater than your Damage Threshold, the groups range across the mid teens, then you're dead, dead, DEAD!

Much like the first time I went to unleash force lightning I realised that this was far too strong and made it clear that the house rules would replace this.

It's also clear that I could do with re-reading through the stuff about Combat Level (CL) which is the system used to pitch your bad guys against the group. No terrible issues to date but no bad idea to re-cap either!
Secondly, the chaps did another excellent job of spooking themselves with a little help from their DM asking such innocent questions such as "So you're just going to broadcast that on an open channel?" and "Are you using the scanners actively, passively or not at all?"

All good fun :)

As such the boys, SPLIT THE PARTY, on their way to re-claim their now fixed ship and even employed a couple of friendly decoy runners. Halfway through their trip I sprung an update to my multi-cross via a Vid News broadcast including footage from the assault team, that they shot in the back, and various choice shots from the wharehouse security cameras.

Bwaa ha ha ha, ha ha ha ;)
As such by close of play only two of the party have reached the Centennial Sparrow's  hanger finding it locked down and under guard.

They have however had a scout about and managed to acquire a freight handler's uniform, security pass and hover loader for the price of just one stun round! Bargain!!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Little and little-er??

With the Star Wars RPG set to reach for the stars sometime particualry soon i've been doon a bit of prep. I don't want to go mental bulding and painting a huge fleet just for the sake of it but also want to do something a bit better than bits of paper.

One solution was printed tokens but a far more appealing one was provided by E-Bay in two forms;

1. Star Wars Micro-Machines
2. Star Wars Pocket Model cards

Swift purchases were made!

Picking up a job lot of 1 I've aquired a micro Falcon and added a dash of red and some wash to match the larger version. I'm impressed that so little work has produced such a good result. 1 more PP in the bag!

For those of you who don't know the cards feature full colour pop-out pieces that you then slot together. I was able to pick them up individually and so have gone for plenty of early era stuff and somehow resisted the TIE fighters. Continuing a theme there are plenty of droid types among them as I find them more flexible plot wise.

As Homer once said, when he breifly changed his name and lifestyle to that of Max Power, "Strap yourself in and feel the G's"