Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Bumps in the Night

Last night was a non-club Tuesday so I hosted a second play-test of St Peytersburg / AWI Zombies / Fear and Faith around at mine. Many thanks to Rich, Rob and Chaz for subjecting themselves to my part-formed gaming theories.

Despite not provding too much biscuit wise I was at least somewhat more prepared this having actually fully read through Fear and Faith, with some bits ported across from Drums and Shakos. It also helped that Rich, inevitably (in a good way), had plenty of input when the rules were actually written! I had finally realised that the rules are a bit less roleplay than I had imagined with EVIL as a proper force option.

It was another forage scenario with Zombie generation stemming from the searching of various locations. We even used the proper dawn / dusk rules though Fear was a complication that fell to the wayside on the night.

Once again we didn't get too far, mainly as we were discussing / tuning mechanics as we went (thanks again!)but the feedback was that it was a good Zombie game so i'm happy with that!

What I really need to work on is a number of scenarios to be played one on one, with possible "automatic" beasties and the evil forces and lists. Basically, more time with the laptop rather than the paints,...fair enough. In fact i've soon got a couple of weeks away with work so that fits!

Meanwhile have some action shots and remember....don't have nightmares!

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