Thursday, 16 June 2011

It's life Jim, but not as we know it!

Somewhat Other-Worldly in fact as I've managed to finish off a few more of St Peytersburg's more super-natural residents.
Not so much Good vs Evil but I wanted to clearly define a Ghost and a Shade against each other and couldn't resist bony hands to lend a little contrast. Plenty of obvious drybrushing but I also tried out a number of different coloured washes.

I had ideas for wolfy here that don't quite seem to have worked out fully. Didn't want black & grey and tried to get lighter but "natural" patches of fur across his chest, inner arms and thighs etc.

Possibly I've tried a bit more than the figure can take? Not sure but not unhappy with the result.
Inspired by playing Red Dead Revolver: Zombie Apocalypse I picked up a pack of Wyrd Miniatures / Malifaux coffins as detail scatter scenery. The chains definitely add to their suitability.

Nothing too difficult so 5 PPs for the lot. No more likely for the month whilst I'm away with work for the next fortnight with the intention of working on some scenarios.

I've also got the Ghouls and Wights well on their way whilst ignoring the half done Perry Civilians despite their stares. I should also sort out a more dedicated photo set-up.

Jobs for the list!

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