Sunday, 19 June 2011

Business Un-usual

As I prepare for an enforced fortnight away from the brushes courtesy of a two week residential training course (which should actually be pretty good) so a quick WIP post, despite the relevant page's recent existence!
Pretty much straight copies of the Wights on Otherworld's site (if you can't beat them join them!) about half-way done. Need to bring the skin up and blend in the purple hands and feet. Maybe some blood splatters?
Wanting to use the Ghouls as Leaders for the Zombies I've gone for the same dark / medium / light skin-tones. Dark is just about there but the others need a bit more work. Drybrush and wash so far and I probably need to stop trying the shortcuts and paint them properly. I'm just not that great with human skin-tones. Challenge time!

I'm not going to try to take any paints and figures away with me but a pad / pen / laptop combo to work on some St Peytersburg and Star Wars background and scenarios.

Probably can't do better than I-Phone posts for a while so you'll just have to settle for that. Always leave them wanting more :)

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