Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Little and little-er??

With the Star Wars RPG set to reach for the stars sometime particualry soon i've been doon a bit of prep. I don't want to go mental bulding and painting a huge fleet just for the sake of it but also want to do something a bit better than bits of paper.

One solution was printed tokens but a far more appealing one was provided by E-Bay in two forms;

1. Star Wars Micro-Machines
2. Star Wars Pocket Model cards

Swift purchases were made!

Picking up a job lot of 1 I've aquired a micro Falcon and added a dash of red and some wash to match the larger version. I'm impressed that so little work has produced such a good result. 1 more PP in the bag!

For those of you who don't know the cards feature full colour pop-out pieces that you then slot together. I was able to pick them up individually and so have gone for plenty of early era stuff and somehow resisted the TIE fighters. Continuing a theme there are plenty of droid types among them as I find them more flexible plot wise.

As Homer once said, when he breifly changed his name and lifestyle to that of Max Power, "Strap yourself in and feel the G's"

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