Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Men of Iron??

Somehow this long weekend I managed to spend the first 2 days either;
1 out drinking
2 sleeping (possibly as a result of 1)
3 watching the final weekend of the rugby season

Well done to Sarries who thoroughly deserved to take The Premiership title, though it pains me to say less than I might have thought.

Congrats also to the Barbarians for an immensely entertaining game against an experimental England side. I look forward to you hopefully spanking the Welsh next Saturday, who are even awarding caps for this one!

I spent the rest of my time with the girlie and had about two hours last night tidying up, pre-basing and washing down my ZV Civilians so not a lot of PPs in the offing at the mo for what was three days off work!

What little I have achieved has involved only my personal brain-power (insert joke of choice) re: Star Wars.

The lads have been literally falling down quite a bit lately and despite my previous threats to make injuries stick I've found the rulebook understandably lacking in this area. Having had some initial thoughts I turned to the power of Google and amongst the weird and weirder found a very interesting article just here.

I like this guy's train of thought which runs similar to my own and has helped me flesh out a potential extended injury system following through Stat Wars RPG's method of dealing with more temporary damage, the Condition Track.

To be clear what I'm looking for here is a real consequence to any of the players going unconscious on a regular basis. I want them to fear it and roleplay correspondingly rather than see it as a "Stat Management" issue bouncing back up and blasting away from the hip again.

My main issue with the condition track, in this particular context, is that it takes a big hit to drop one level whilst spending two swift actions moves you one step back up said track.

I'm happy for heroes to be heroic but not  indestructible super-beings.

Mr C has gone unconscious twice in the current adventure alone, within approx 36 hours, and I NEED there to be a FAIR consequence to that.

So my current ideas run thus;

1. Go unconscious X times within a single adventure and drop X steps down the condition track for X days. I see this as a proper recovery time for what is a major personal intervention.

2a. Go unconscious and make a fortitude check with a -1 for each time you have already done so within the current adventure episode / arc. Further modifiers might affect for severity of nature of incident, such as when Ian recently crashed a speeder bike at 300 kmph.

2b Fail said fortitude check and generate a more lasting injury on an as yet un-written table. Major failure increases the likelihood of a more severe injury i.e. each 5 points you fail by increases severity level by one.

I feel it fair to run both of these house rules on the basis that the players have their own funding and cash-flow and plenty of opportunity to by surgery, cybernetics and bacta-time as required.

Opinions on a fruit basket please!

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