Friday, 6 May 2011

Tumbling dice

Two nights gaming on the trot, result!

Wednesday night I dropped in on Rich to try out Crooked Dice's 7TV ruleset, which I had seen in action several times but had yet to play. Apeing various 70s adventure TV series Rich has set up a not really Stargate campaign that he has been running.

I really enjoyed the ruleset, which Rich has entertainingly written up on his BLOG,  consisting of a simple set of mechanics allowing an excellent set of event, prop and bonus cards to add spice. Good clean fun I'm sure all, but Mary Whitehouse, would enjoy!

Last night meanwhile was the latest installment of Star Wars RPG and one that I have been looking forward to with great glee. For as GM I have been working a number of plotlines together to converge / collide at this point.

I don't wish to say too much more as due to the chaps extended planning "debate" we had to leave off halfway through this particular scene with the sting in the tale having been primed but yet to strike!

Continuing to play almost every faction of against everyone else lead to a somewhat fluid plan of assault upon the wharehouse base of one afore-mentioned party, ostensibly to execute arrest and search warrants on behalf another afore-mentioned party!

The boys eventually effected access to the wharehouse, quickly sending in their accompanying "Red Shirt" associates who they soon subjected to a withering cross-fire, in their case from the rear, along with those in the wharehouse.

With the plan beginning to unravel at this point no-one wanted to take the lead instead engaging in the school yard antics of egging each other on whilst shuffling feet.

Sticking to MY plan I then proceeded to reveal a third party, Sable Dawn, and the first part of my double-cross. the SD boys and girl had no such reservations about getting stuck in much to the chagrin of those had eventually shuffled their feet into the new front-line.
Cue one glorious leader running off in the opposite direction to "get help" some sharp intakes of breath and the prelude to some good old fashioned recrimination!
And I haven't even delivered my final punchlines yet :)

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