Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Out of this World!

As part of my regular "not another work-day" routine I have a quick browse through the latest posts on Tabletop Gaming News whilst supping my second java of the day. I find regular little inspirations which occasionally morph into a cheeky little purchase to keep the day that little bit happier.

Such was the case yesterday with the only differential being the speed with which I wielded the bank card despite its protestations that its still a week til payday.

TGN drew my attention to Otherworld Miniatures ( who specialise in "a range of 28mm fantasy gaming figures inspired by the iconic imagery of the early role-playing games". Bloody hell do they! Give 'em a browse if you're wallet dares.

The following all pretty much jumped off the screen and throttled the cash out of me being just the figures that I was looking for to terrorise St Peytersburg. Less cartoony than Malifaux but more characterful and dynamic the West Wind. Premium prices but premium figures!

Duly ordered;
A pack of three Ghouls, with crown jewels to the fore, who will act as full frontal lieutenants to lead the zombie mobs.
This pack of two Shadows beat GW's ring wraiths hands down. I'll paint one white and one black as ostensibly good (sort of) and evil spirits.
Every self respecting backwater burg needs a monthly moon-howler and this chap fits the bill. Wolves and Dire Wolves are also available but were resisted on this occasion.
And finally the gruesome two-some that made the decision to invest such an easy one. A particularly stunning pair of Wights to inspire a fearful legend or two. Hopefully I can do them justice paint-wise.

Additionally I've added a couple of pages to the blog over the last week or so and will probably spend some time slowly tweaking them to acceptability. Quite tempted to add a workbench page as well for WIP stuff but don't want to distract from the main page too much. Maybe just a few photos refreshed weekly with a few words of jabber.

Suggestions welcome if you've got em :)

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