Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Best Intentions

Tuesday night was a fairly quiet one down at the club and to be honest I was cream crackered so we all jumped in on one game of Crooked Dice's 70s action TV inspired 7TV.

Good vs Evil vs Neutral (Commie) was the order of the night raiding the Commies wharehouse hideout and atempting to carry off as much of thier admittedly 2nd rate kit as possible.

Myself and Rob took the evil role and recieved a sound kicking engaging in racing forklifts with the Red Menace rather than concentrating on the loot.

We did thieve Little Nelly though mainly as a means of escape for Dr Nah who was quickly left to his own his tod.

The only downside was no more playtesting for Peytersburg, though I haven't got as much done as I'd hoped I might so no great loss.  I have now settled on Ganesha Games' Fear and Faith rules mashed with Songs of Drums and Shakos to give period feel and detail.

The project list stays as is but i've obviously been thinking past the figures currently clustered around my painting station. More Fear and Faith flavour is required so i've been scouting around hunchbacks, fiery preachers, merchants, nobility as well as vampires, ghouls, werewolves and various of beasties and livestock.

Some of the Malifaux Wyrd miniatures have attracted my attention but are likely to tower over everything else. Reaper and Foundry are likely to be hit up next month though. First more Gladiators next week at the club so I want to finish painting my current Ludus over the weekend.

Anyway, tea-break over. Back to work ;)

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