Friday, 20 May 2011

Return of the Jedi

Da da daa, daa da da, daa da da

Back to Star Wars RPG and another fine mess that the lads had got themselves into last time out. Jon who plays the Zahn, the group's force adept had missed that session and it had been a group effort to cover. Returning this week he soon had a major impact at a critical point as he is now making a habit of doing!

With Sable Dawn's dark side enhanced hit squad revealing their double-cross mind controlling two of their potential opponents including the group's leading gun-man!

After last session's troubles I was honestly sat on the train working out how things would go if / when the lads all hit the floor. If it happened I was happy enough for it to do so. But cometh the hour....
Jon / Zahn simply strode into the carnage, prompting my spidey-sense to go off big time, to use one of his force powers that none of the rest of us even new he had. This was Sever Force cutting my Sable Dawn adept from his pile of dark side points which would severely affect his ability to maintain the mind control so central to my plans!

Launching my counterattack I quickly put down about half of the group including Jon / Zahn. Reinholdt, the SD adept, concentrated solely on maintaining the mind control. I had to jam it a bit as it was keeping things so tight ruling that he wouldn't be able to do much else.

With Jon / Zahn on the floor the SD edge their way towards victory, paying for it in blood which was a price that they were happy to pay.
Critical point 2 belonged to Ian's Duros gambler. Busted and bruised from his recent bike-crash and some SD attention he watched, with 6 HPs remaining as Rob struggled to hold off the last SD marauder girly. Risky shot into combat.......... NATURAL 20. She fell!

So when el glorious leader finally returned toting the extra firepower of an appropriated speeder-bike Reinholdt copped some damage, lost the mind control and legged it.

With four on the floor it was a quick patch up job and exit stage left as the authorities returned. Bloodied, bruised but victorious though there are still a few loose ends to tie up.

As Brucey says.... good game, good game :)

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