Monday, 9 May 2011

Trading Places

Sunday afternoon I finished off the sign and final details for "Peyterson's Trade and Supply" wilderness emporium and as such the current set of scenery projects  for what will become St Peytersburg. Settlement planning for the 1800s if you will. A dedicated blog page soon to be unveiled.

So by adding the store, stables, bridge, out-house (personal favourite) and a baker's dozen of graves Peyterson's Landing has winked into existence.

The Peyterson family arrived in the American colonies as Dutch emigrees before the War of Independance started. Orginally cereal farmers, keping livestock primarily for home consumption, fortune smiled on the second generation as thier land neighboured a soon established wilderness route of trade and travel.

A newly established trading post has quickly seen profit from pelt and dry goods, allowing the construction of a stables, with the farm continuing to prosper.

I'm sure they could probably still do with a barn and likely to be god fearing types a small church with which to save their immortal souls from damnation. All that will have to wait a few metaphorical years (months) until a few more settlers arrive.

Meanwhile I have French, civilians and scarecrows to paint along with some as yet unacquired Indians. More imnportantly the rules / campaign set is still in flux, though Tuesday night at the club will be a second run through. Plenty to do but more and more getting done.

Rather pleased with myself, feel a bit like a wargaming deity a la Civilisation! Bwaa haa ha ha!!!

P.S: 14 PPs by the way, 5 for the store, 4 for the stables, 3 combined for the bridge and outhouse, 2 for the graves.

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