Saturday, 6 August 2011

Kneel before Z-Odd

Please forgive the vague Superman / Zombie / Me reference but I've spent the afternoon building St Peytersburg's church and the spray mount fumes have gone to my head a bit. I also watched England edge out the Taffs which was just as euphoric!

I've managed to incorporate a stage / pulpit as well as the standard spire / bell tower, even though it seems a little large, with steps up to what will be the main entrance.

Detailing is still required, mainly doors and windows, and I've decided that these will be almost exclusively external. The internal foam-card finish is good enough to just paint over and as much as I want to do a good job I also feel the need to draw a line.

I've got a handful of donated Warhammer windows and bits plus there's a proper architect's supply shop, 4D Models, up the road from work so I'll take a wander Monday lunchtime. Meanwhile I get to tiling the roofs.

More tea vicar??

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