Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Lost in Translation?

Not a lot of posts recently, which I'm sure you've lamented at great length but this has been for too main reasons.

Firstly my laptop's power lead has died. Maplins want £65 for a new one, thanks for that but I think I'll pass. The little repair place can do £35 but not for a couple of weeks. Must be cheaper online, if only I could access it!!

I've also been to Brighton for the weekend and spotted this! The shop to the right was full of spangly accessories and as such bought me some drooling time.
MG42. I tried to explain the significance but quickly gave up recognising that initial error in record time and thankfully didn't try comparing my fascination to that of the afore mentioned shop next door. Learning!
I was intrigued by the stamping near the stock and wondered if it was original not expecting anyone to ruin it's market value intentionally. I had thought that it might have been made by a satellite state, maybe the Czechs, but a colleague of mine who's just been there on a family holiday says not and that bottom line looks Russian to just about everyone.

Possibly a captured piece, there must have been plenty, that ended up in a museum in and eventually onto a gun shop in Brighton? Operation Sealion the long route??

Answers on a comment!

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