Thursday, 4 August 2011


As I'm sure I've mentioned previously back in the not so dim or distant I spent some, not lots, years working for the big bad Gee-Dub as a store manager. About 7 years ago I left, for a variety of semi-obvious reasons, and redicovered MY hobby, which oh so quickly only vaguely fraternised with GW's.

I do Blood Bowl and Space Hulk whilst occasionally hankering for Mordheim and Necromunda. I still own a large unpainted Orc & Goblin army mainly because I haven't yet been bothered enough to E-Bay it. I'm very committed to this stance for a number of reasons; time / money / effort /poor rules / poor players :(

I still surf Warseer on occasion but mainly for wicked amusement (you know what I mean) and re-confirmation that I've done the right thing, for me anyways!
This state of affairs does not stop me having "shiny" issues, the latest bout of which was brought on by this chap and his mates. Yesterday afternoons "but I could....." and flick round E-Bay quickly gave way to last night's "but I wouldn't......" and eyeing up Toy Mountain in the spare room.

In truth I don't really have the time for everything that I'm trying to squeeze in right now. I've recently given in to the fact that whilst I'm running the current Star Wars roleplay arc, which I'm LOVING, I won't be able to devote the writing / playtest time to St Peytersburg that it needs to be a quality item.

I'll keep working on the scenery and figures, hopefully host the odd game, maybe even do a bit of solo-play (that's a new one on me a feels somehow taboo / icky) but that'll be it for a Little while yet.
Star Wars will have to "feed the need" for a while so unless I write in a high gravity feral moon visit any Ogre figures are off limits. What is within remit are some of the new Dark Eldar, especially chaps like this who will easily fit in with all of the Oni, which figure heavily sometime real soon :)

I just need to solidify the relevant parts of the story arc , currently written in crayon on rice-paper, and actually get the chaps to it, though they're not that far away (Bwaa haa ha ha).

So, more writing,  less painting. BUGGER! Need to order up some more paint anyway!

Maybe just one Talos, just to see what I could do with the kit! ;)

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