Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Bored Games

A phrase coined by Shaun, though it didn't stop him attempting to thrash all comers at Carcassonne the other week.

On one of those quiet August club-nights Jon ran a few of us through A Touch of Evil describing it as Sleepy Hollow meets Munchkin, which was all that I needed to hear!

Good game, enjoyed it. Described as non-cooperative we didn't really have too much interaction with each other focusing more on our own build-up to taking on our randomly determined night-terror a Demonic Scarecrow.

Mr S Crow went down surprisingly easily at the first attempt to Jon though Mr Crow did (through me) roll some seriously poor dice. I'd definitely play again!

As some of my recent blog posts / whinges have alluded to I've been in a bit of a gaming malaise recently and have felt the pull of various board-games. this particular evening's entertainments helped here as despite having a good time I also found myself looking at the majority of the board locations taking inspiration for further St Peytersburg real estate developments.

Having not yet finished the Church I went home thinking of windmills and a quick google search gave me this for a mere tenner. About the right scale but possibly a bit big it would need detailing up but how could I possibly loose. Added to wish list!

Back at the original point I've run through a thought process;
1. Wargames wise I want to play skirmish
2. The main con for boardgames (for me) is the lack of "proper" figures. I want to wield a brush!
3. Thusly I'm looking for boardgames with figures.
4. Why aren't I playing Space Hulk more?
5. For playing at the club I'd like to involve us many of us as possible.

So to satisfy points 2 and 3 I'm looking at such offerings as Incursion and  Dust Tactics.

But that's potentially an awful lot of time / effort / money. So, really that brings me back to Touch of Evil and an offering from the same stable Last Night on Earth. But we've already got Zombies!!
Picky aren't I!?

One particular board-game that I've had my eye on for quite some-time is War on Terror and not just for the balaclava, it just appeals..... the balaclava is simply a bonus! I saw it released at Salute a few years back but at the time board-games weren't good enough for my cash. Saw a copy this year early on but went back for it too late!
Now that's regime change in action!
So, in eventual conclusion what I really want to do is play games with my mates. Either skirmish wargames that I already know / play and have figures for or board and card games that we can all join in on. Everything else can, to be blunt, take a number and form a queue at the local cliff.

Rather simple really but also incredibly cathartic, thanks for hanging on in there.

Now to make things happen, which has probably been the root of my recent malaise / frustration. Sort out some skirmish gaming down the club that we can all get in on, Mordheim or Necromunda possibly / probably. Also, buy War on Terror....... and a windmill!!!

P.S: Many thanks to for all their links. For those interested here's their Top 100 Board Games. I own two and have played a few more..... room for improvement :)

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