Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Out with the old?

....possibly! In with the new... more than likely!!

When first discovering GW / Wargaming (delete as applicable) it was Warhammer Fantasy (1st Edition) that first gave me the itch via Greenskins. I can remember sitting on a south-coast family beach holiday wearing out the army-list with my eyeballs.

Much later in life Orcs and Goblins became my first proper army and somehow fittingly they remain the last vestage of that "other hobby" within my possession. So on Monday night, with a bout of hayfever preventing any brush-time,  I dug out what remains to work out what to do with it.
So after loosing various bits along the way I have two units of 30 boyz "static-furred", 20 black orcs, 8 boar boyz, 3 wolf chariots (sans crew), 10 wolfboyz, 2 pump wagons (sans crew), 2 bolt throwers, 2 giants, boss on wyvern and the characters below in various states of salvageable repair.

Thought 1 had been recycling via E-Bay as is but wasn't sure I'd get much. Thought 2 was to repair, spray and basecoat prior to thought 1, possibly painting the characters below properly, to hopefully improve return?
Thought 3 occurred after a few more lads at the club played Kings of War last night and at lunch today I've established that the Orc element = 1300 points of KoW. Interesting!?

So for the moment I'm going with thought 2 whilst remaining open to thought 3 i.e. prevarication!!
Meanwhile the new is represented by the possibility of an end of year Mordheim campaign at the club and a number of OOP Confrontation O&G's that I've had hiding away for in excess of two years for just that very purpose. Actually they were acquired for a Songs of Blades campaign that I missed but its all skirmish at the end of the day.

A little more armoured than necessary but a little conversion will be necessary to give the goblin contingent short-bows. Really love the oriental feel and detailing so keen to crack on!
I'm not just ignoring "The Plan" but I can do all the repair / construction whilst the hayfever relents. I really want to finish the church but I'm still waiting for the last few windows to be delivered.

Sarah Beeny eat your heart out!

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