Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Vive La Diff-er-ance II

It would seem that I've used this title before, thus the numerals, but I'm fairly sure that the content will differ some what, at least in the specifics.

This is my current read and it's very entertaining. I've breezed through the first 250 pages, going out of my way to find the time, chortling regularly. A random find via a Waterstones 3 for 2 with a similar-ish book about Germany (which I had to put down after struggling through to a low triple figure of pages) and something else even more eclectic.

Stephen Clarke has a number of similar offerings; Talk to the Snail, A Year in the Merde,  Paris Revealed and the intriguingly titled A Brief History of the Future. As well as knowing his material he, more importantly, also knows how to entertain with such material. More offerings for the Amazon wishlist, heartily recommended!

The main relevance to the remainder of this post is that with my Church windows still consigned to Royal Mail purgatory and Sunday evening spent at a loose end failing to watch The Expendables with due attention (a £5 Tesco impulse buy) I've started work on painting my AWI French. Merde!

So, WHITE uniforms with specific detail then. Not beyond my ability but a relatively challenging return to figures since my last painted figures some 5 weeks ago of St Peytersburg supernaturals and civilians.

To matters a little more interesting I've decided to run a little experiment with this one undercoating half of the figures, there's a dozen, black, half white and comparing results at the end of the process.

Starting with the whites I've applied a Sepia wash to add a dirty shade and bring out all of the detail. Flesh and muskets have been base coated along with tricorns and boots / gaiters. Brow has been crossed and end of brush chewed.

Just need to re find / hit my rhythm....... apparently its a method (childish snigger) ;)

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