Friday, 5 August 2011

Don't split the party. NEVER split the party - DOH!!

To be honest we're all old hands at this roleplay thing. We're well equipped with a myriad of many coloured die of various sidage. We have a regular night, reminder texts and an informal biscuit rota.

We're also well practised with the rules, both written and unwritten. Never use the phrase "anything but a 1", don't nark of the GM too much, never ever split the party.

But rules, as the saying goes are made to be broken!

Whilst most of the lads looting the scragged shuttle (see 3 posts down) Rob and Charlie as Scout and Bounty Hunter bravely / moronically moved into the cold, dark zero-G Trade Federation transport.

They left the maintenance "scutter" bots to their own devices, locating and taking out a lone B2 Battle-Droid, in zero-G Jon Woo stylee, at which point their Noble leader (Aaron) joined them.

After best guessing the layout Aaron tried the keypad to what they believed was Engineering. Natural 1. "Your password had failed and your account been locked. Please call the service centre during office hours".

Undeterred the next nearest door was tried to reveal a repulsorlift to a lower level, most likely the cargo pod.

What to do? Inform the others and wait for them? Check the other doors on this level? NO..... pile into the lift and over-ride the controls OBVIOUSLY!!
Natural 1 :)
Not being one to look a gift horse inb the mouth the lift crashed down to the cold, dark , zero-G lower level disabling itself. Welcome to the self sealing cargo pod with minimal signal strength and a roving crew of battle-droids!!

Suddenly the spare room had an extra use and I spent the rest of the evening gleefully shuttling between one and the other with hand written comms transmissions in hand. Some made it, some didn't, many were partial. I was having a blast!
So whilst our three intrepid explorers were battling barely seen auto-firing battle-droids in the dark, taking steady hits and covering behind barrels the fetch and carry chaps were left to wonder where they'd got to.
Full marks to the lads for roleplaying the whole thing exceptionally well (experience counts apparently) with the would be rescuers locating the second repulsorlift. They did however arrive danger close to a couple of droids who immediately hosed them with fire to reasonable effect.
Ian rode his newly acquired salvage droid into battle and despite not yet naming him had already started planning the upgrades. Notan issue now as one of the Roger-Rogers rolled a natural 20 and blew "Wodger" into so much smeg!
Reunited in mortal danger seemed like a classic cliffhanger (it was also getting late) so that's where they are til the same time next week. So far from the original plan it's untrue.

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