Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Gangs who go BANG!!

Last night saw the inevitable super-multi-player game of of Necromunda that every campaign features at some point. Like the Marmite love them or hate them everyones got an opinion. Personally I just prefer to enjoy the ride.

Lewis did a particularly good job sorting out the bit that tends to matter with these affairs, the fluff and the scenario;

Enter Castellan Locke, an imperial inspector from the world of Tershus. A cold and ruthless man who has very little sympathy for error or mistake. The inspector has been to sent the Hive to meet with particular guilders to review the current status of its inhabitants. Reports have been coming in that 6 particular gangs have been waring over territory for the last 3 months, nothing too serious but potentially a situation. After Locke is content with the report he collects the information in the form of a data cube and places it into his jacket pocket.

As he begins to leave and the men breathe a sigh or relief, Locke turns and says "tell Flint to get 2 squads of men outside the APC in 5 minutes". Unsure what he is about to do - a worried Sergeant makes a frantic call and two squads form rank by the vehicle. Locke speaks... "We are taking the short road to the Southern outpost downhive, move!". They load up and move out. Everyone knows the shortcut to get to the outpost can be dangerous at the best of times - most use the trade routes, but Locke is not in the mood to be wasting time.

The group travel quickly to their location. Nothing to report except the men being scared by Ogryn Flint's war tales.

The inspector makes his rounds, ruthless as ever. Satisfied with his findings he begins to return to the Vehicle but as he does, a vicious bolt of lead rips into the side of the APC, making the startled unit scramble to cover. Locke draws his pistol... all he can see are the endless red dots in the dark surrounding him and his unit.

It seems that one of the guilders doesn't like the inspector too much and thought he would send a little tip off to those 6 blood thirsty gangs..

The gangs are aware Locke has information on them, their territories and their movements. This information in the wrong hands could be disastrous for the other gangers, as such they will do whatever they can do get at Locke, even face being outlawed.

Charlie has volunteered to play as Locke, Flint and his men, who will be facing all 6 of us in the defence of the data cube. The game will be across two boards with Charlie set up in the middle. There will be 7 turns in total until with the objective of taking Locke down in hand to hand to retrieve his data cube, you then need to get it off any side of the table (up to 8 inches). If we are unsuccessful in getting to Locke he will escape into the tunnels below the outpost and get away..

If someone is able to get the cube and get it off, they will have the intel to take 3+d6 territories from whoever they like.

Thrashing out the final details via the forums each of the gangs had 6 of their number plus a hired gun against Charlie's platoon of enforcers. GAME ON!!
Locke and his Ogryn bodygaurd plus friends

Lurking in the shadows "This is God"

Pipework Alamo?
The first few turns were vaguely cagey for most of us as no-one wanted to fire the first shot and the draw the Enforcers' first turn of firepower. That was everybody except Stewart who opened fire not only on the Law but also started throwing grenades at Rob and myself.

So turn 2 and it was already all out war between myself and Stewart. My pair of flamers and his split force soon settled the spat as I turned every gun that I had on him. With all of his gals on the floor in various states of distress a voluntary bottle was taken. Big girls blouses......
Escher attack the Van Saar....
.....and the Delaque. DUMB!!
Elsewhere Rob and Ian formed a very effective Delaque / Escher alliance and set to work taking on the Po-Leese while Jon's Cawdor skulked about taking pot-shots and Lewis' Goliaths set to sneaking in to the objective. Surely that's the wrong way round?

Once we got going the small gang numbers meant that we were getting through the turns quickly enough which is often the fall-down of such events. The in-fighting / banter / uneasy alliances added an extra bit of edge as well!
Do the Sump-Pipe shuffle

Cawdor move in.... do the Delaque

Hard times for the Enforcers
Encased in carapace the Enforcers were proving hard to take down but as so often happens a flurry of specific dice saw plenty of their number floored, pinned or worse, to allow the opportunity to rush them.

At this point the we were running out of turns to get to Locke, who was proving immensely un-killable and all parties had to throw caution to the wind. Ignoring the now competing gangs it was an all out Sh1t or Bust moment for everyone involved.
End-game approaches
Going first in the final turn the Goliaths finally played their hand hosing the Alamo'd Enforcers with twin flamers and showers of auto-fire generally failing to wound but putting them all on the floor so they wouldn't be able to influence the final outcome.

The Cawdor added some final fire but had overstretched a turn earlier only to be sufficiently Enforced via Las-fire. So much for the word of god!
Delaque - Nun alliance in full effect
The Escher Nuns made their final charge but the last few Lawmen held them up form reaching Locke, all bar one Juve. The Delaque following in their wake were similarly held.

Despite both gangs emptying every firearm they had at Locke he and his Ogryn were still stood with just one more gang to go, my Van Saar.
Goliath leave it til the last
Having been held up by Stewart I fortuitously arrived just as I needed to. A flamer shot felled Locke and his lad. The scummer's plasma pistol took care of the Escher Juve whilst my own skateboarding punk rolled into combat with a pinned Plod.

Hammering him to the floor by the barest of margins I took my 2" follow up to stand over Locke's vaguely smouldering form just as the game ended.........or did I?
Van Saar swoop in!
In all honesty I hadn't made it into base contact with Locke and I had just flamed him and the data-cube.

Rather than give a soft result, which would have been massively anti-climactic, we decided that as I peered over the strut Locke was gone.........LOST even!! So, back to Space-Munda we return as the gangs chase our man, and his cubes, down into the sewers.

Good stuff!!


  1. Oi... I didn't voluntarily bottle, what kind of person do you think I am? I just rolled an 11...

  2. Great report. Sounds like one hell of a tense game. Just like an Escher to start granadeing folks in the back...