Friday, 30 March 2012

One Shot Wonder?

Bit more D&D last night and another all-action as we were presented with three sub-levels to explore. Rolling a D3 we ended up taking the stairs down to the sub, sub basement and soon got stuck in.

Sneaking immensely poorly I alerted a particularly large Ettin who suddenly came over all aggressive. Stuck at the front with the warrior types bundling up behind me I decided on the ostentatious move of sliding through his legs, hamstringing him on the way, and rolling off to the right.

I've tried such moves before to mixed results.......
So, much to my initial pleasure I managed a run of big dice, including a natural 20 for the hamstring strike, at a massive -8. I was less  impressed that as I rolled back up on to my delicately follicled tootsies I came face to ermm......face with a Gelatinous Cube!

But then Charlie, the Elven Exocet, shot the Ettin to death giving me some retreat room whilst the warriors got on with spooning through El Gello.
The Ettin's corpse fell back into the large pit behind him waking the Enormous Carrion Crawler that was dozing within it.But then Charlie, the Elven Exocet, shot the Enormous Carrion Crawler  to death!!
Moving on we quickly discovered that we were in the very bowels of the Gobbo warren filled mainly with carrion and rubbish. Rubbish attracts rats and most of us had fun running a book as the Paladin was heroically swamped by a horde of them. with only two goodly aligned members in the party the rats were heavily backed!

Growing bored by his slow progress the Teifling Warlock pumped in a shot form his Wand of Fireball, gaining the kill-steal and roasting off the Paladin's cloak as well as most of his facial hair. All bets void! :)
Moving on to what turned out to be the final room of the evening we found a slightly mouldy library along with an number of extra planar constructs of the type that we've met previously (cue dramatic jingle) including a particularly savage beastie.

Sighing with relative boredom Charlie shouldered his way through us, following previous "keep up lads" commentary, and preceded to throw repeated 1s all over the place! The sheer shock of this was somewhat contagious especially for the Paladin and suddenly the rest of us actually had to unsheathe weapons and try to remember which end to wave about. All this whilst we could physically see the big lad's regeneration kicking in........

With two crossbow chaps on a balcony I tried another ostentatious leap up and off a bookcase.....tried. Bouncing off the wall and hitting the floor he then shot me. Ooooppss......

Thankfully EE snapped out of it and with a concerted show of firepower, bow, spell and clerical we mopped up and saw to our various wounds.

Maybe there's a First Aid manual in amongst this lot :)

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