Monday, 2 April 2012

All in the cards??

Yesterday saw a SAGA campaign day down at the Enfield Gamers and with the sideroom available I ran a bit of an experimental Warhammer Invasion campaign day for those of us who weren't battling for domination of ye olde England.

I say experimental because I'd been wondering for a while if you could play a "traditional" Warhammer campaign with WI. As I believe that the game is Warhammer but better i was hoping that a campaign day would be the same. More than anything these were a couple of "converted" ideas that I'd had that I wanted to try out. I'm sure there's an official FF tourney pack somewhere on their site but that wasn't what I was interested in running, something far more fluffy thank you!

So, looking at two, potentially combing formats we played this;

1. Straight victory points. 1 point per point of capital damage scored upto a max of 8 per section, i.e. extra points dealt because of developments didn't count.

2. Order vs Destruction campaign. Play best of three games to capture a campaign location. Most campaign locations wins.

And here are the results;

Tournament scores

Campaign map

Lots of ways to analyse and score but here are the highlights;
- Charlie (Empire - Order) scored most victory points
- I (Chaos - Destruction) won all four campaign rounds and was the only undefeated army in that format
- Order won most campaign locations and triumphed over the forces of destruction
- Stewart (Lizardmen - Neutral) claimed the wooden spoon

So who claims best general, me or Charlie? He scored more points but I won all my rounds, all 2-1, including against Charlie himself. Does it matter?......probably not.

What was more important was that the concept feels proven and even with odd numbers and a couple of novice players it was all easily run and kept us fully engaged all day. Don't know that I could have manged 4 rounds of Warhammer in the same way!

Chatting things through afterwards there are plenty of options to run an actual campaign with, and plenty of interest to take part, which Stewart is keen to take forward possibly back to the Old Skool of a restricted deck / army list which gains options as you take territories. We shall see.

Personally I found no problem playing 12 games back to back with the same deck. By doing so I earmarked a number of cards that could be dropped as, apparently, expert players run near the 50 card minimum rather than the 70 we all seem to work from.

As an aside I also ended up ordering the next cycle of cards Saturday night. I wasn't going to you understand but then Maelstrom went for their 25% off clearance sale........

Slave to the darkness, so I am :)

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