Thursday, 12 April 2012

Game Over Man, GAME OVER!!!

Tuesday night down at the Enfield Gamers saw the final round of the Necromunda campaign.

With the Easter holidays in full effect four of us played out the chase for Castellan Locke in the Space-Munda confines of the sub-hive maintenance tunnels. With just 3 gangers a piece and the Flickering Lights it was always going to be a tight game but.....

Locke, knowing his fate as he continued down the corridor bleeding, finally sank to the floor, his old bones knowing their end. Loading his last clip into his pistol he aimed into the shadows and waited. As the gangers closed in on his location, shooting could be heard throughout the tunnels, especially the telling sounds of flame throwers.

Then, from out of the shadows they pounced, first an escher - Locke's shot not hitting its target, he was too weary, but he still had his chainsword to use.. The old man swung at the escher, her aim particularly bad he noticed, but it wasn't enough.. his own lights fading as the final blow was struck..

His final comfort found in the yells and screams of the gangers.. 'Stealers!' ... he knew they didnt stand a chance, the cube was safe..

In short we blew just enough chunks out of each other to then allow the randomly generated 'Stealers to overwhelm us just as we all started thinking about a truce! Stewart's Escher got to Locke first but were gunned down by the remains of my Van Saar and Lewis' Goliath who soon became 'Stealer-bait.

Jon's Cawdor featured two hired guns, an Enforcer and a Bounty Hunter who soon went "independent" after I repeatedly hosed them with promethium to roast his one remaining ganger. The Enforcer was an absolute beast with T5, Carapace Armour and a Suppression Shield but though he fought his way to the cube he couldn't fight off a trio of xenos......

So, not quite the final result we expected but an entertaining final game to an excellently narrative campaign. Many thanks to Lewis for all his efforts!
Return to Space-Munda

Enter the 'Stealers = Escher flee!

Flamer 1.....
Flamer 2.....

Closing in on Locke and the Data-Cube

Get some! Get some!

All vs All vs 'Stealers

Final throes

Close Encounters of the Xenos kind


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  1. You have got this fellow Londoner (and consequently a few friends) back into Necromunda with these great posts! Cheers. Any plans for another campaign?