Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Reading about Watching Pain Dry :)

Not that I've been using much of it recently but I've been keeping an interested eye on the various virtual feedback on GW's recently released new paint range.

145 different pots is quite an expansion especially as you now have an apparent Foundry-esque base and layer system along with the return of glazes plus dry compound, textures and a few technicals.

Ignoring the obvious frothers on both sides of the divide I've found a particularly useful REVIEW, along with some other commentary, here at Staly's Tale of Painters blog which is quite a find in itself!

All seems pretty balanced comment wise and makes relevant points that I as a, vaguely lapsing, painter am interested to hear. Bit of a shame that they don't seem to have made as much as they could have of the potential layer system but I've never had a problem mixing paints and its even less of an issue now that I'm a fully fledged skirmish boy.

The base paints interest me the most as the successors to the foundation range. Apparently they're a bit thinner but I always thinned mine a touch anyway and there's now 34 of them from the previous 18 including black, white and metallics.

As I'm looking to go blue-shaded white with the DW French the white base seems like a no-brainer. On that note a quick nod to Spartan for super-quick missing parts replacement despite me ordering from Maelstrom, very impressive and gratefully received service.

Now I have no excuses except for my hectic (semi-nerd) social life / lack of motivation (delete as applicable). Who knew being a geek was quite so complex??

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