Wednesday, 25 April 2012

It's a Kind of Magic?

Not been to much going on recently other than having the lurgy for the last few days.

I also didn't got to Salute on Saturday which was entirely planned. I did go last year and despite shedding about a ton from from my wallet the main thing I came away with was a lot of inspiration.

Inspiration is such a bid deal in this hobby and the cause of pretty much every lead / pewter / plastic / resin mountain in the world. All of us can sit round the dice and tell tales of ludicrous projects purchased half-preped and then utterly abandoned.

It just occurs to me that these days where you find that inspiration is more and more web based.

As part of my regular weekday morning warm-up I'm sat there with a coffee and have a quick browse round a few bookmarked sites including Tabletop Gaming News and The Miniatures Page. The bits that grab my attention I'll come back to have a longer look at later.

Two examples of my virtual travels are here;  

I've heard various recommendations for Muskets and Tomahawks as Studio Tomahawk are the same guys that have brought SAGA to the UK tabletop.

I'm a big fan of AWI skirmish and a recent convert to SAGA and it could work well for St Peytersburg which has definitely become a rather lapsed project. Something of a more traditional find. 

A less traditional find was Zombicide which I discovered by clicking on a banner, which in some virtual arenas can be a dangerous move. Just the fact that it's a kick-starter project was a relatively new concept to me and I was impressed at the highly professional level of finish and presentation. There's a video and everything!
Having read and watched through the lot I was extremely tempted to make a $100 pledge and pre-purchase a copy with various pledge-ee only bonus bits.

The main reason that I didn't was the e-mail from Mantic offering 30% off Warhammer Invasion thus securing my monthly toys spend a weekend before pay-day. Inspiration indeed!!

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