Wednesday, 4 April 2012

No yolk


As I've recently bemoaned I simply haven't had any brush time or motivation recently. Last month was a big fat zero for painting points, which is the first time ever. Bit bothered but not massively.

So, not that I'm grasping at straws or anything but here are a couple of painted eggs, actual eggs that is, that I sorted out for the missus. Not claiming any PPs but it was an interesting experience / process.

Having painted many, many figures of varying scale and size I was fairly confident of doing a good job. A quick spray and base of foundation colour was easy enough followed by a bit of masking tape for striping was easy enough but getting sharp, straight lines was rather difficult. Probably because figures already have them for you to follow I suppose.

With figures I'm less than great with flat detail and free handing designs but struggling halfway through the project this proved to be my saviour. I had tried various stickers, transfers and sharpie markers but they just weren't working so with little option it was freehand time only to amaze myself with the results.

Hard to explain the reversal of what I thought would be easy / difficult but I'm guessing that its all to do with the size / scale involved. Interesting......inspirational almost :)

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