Wednesday, 1 July 2015

To INFINITY and beyond - Day 16

Okay people I'm back to the grindstone tomorrow so here's the roundup.

As below I got my Tomats and Reverend Moria finished to complete all of my Nomad force that I had at the be grinning of the project. Due a late start Rob's Auxilliaries and TAG pilot haven't quite made it but the weekend will see them cross the line.
As such I'm claiming success on all four objectives, which surprises even me! In honesty I could have achieved a bit more with the brush but that was always likely. Where I have over achieved is with an understanding of my force and where I want to go with it. The case has been ordered and I plan now filling it up over the coming months as well as stepping up to regular 300 point games.

Infinity has become something of a seminal game for me as a grown up Sci - Fi skirmish that I've been looking for for quite sometime. The UK Infinity community seems fairly committed and I'm looking forward to joining them. I've found Infinity, now it's all about the beyond ; )

To INFINITY and beyond - Day 16

Taa daa......actual painted Nomads!!

So thats 6 Agaucils, including Ms Balboa, my proxy Iventnor, my proxy Spektr sniper, my actual Spektr and my proxy Zero (more white) finished, varnished and everything for another 20 Painting Points.

That leaves just the Tomcats and Reverend Moria fromy my initial pile and the Auxilliaries for Rob's Tohaa which is very achievable for Day 16.

I got a 200 point game in with Rob tonight and the newly varnished brigade let me down badly in the opening turns, as expected, despite actually designing an army list with an actual plan to it. Thankfully the basecoated Tomcats did all of the heavy lifting, flamethrower stylee, to drag things back and snatch victory at the last. I played much better with a definite game plan using the Tomcats far more intelligently. They deserve that paint!

Better photos to follow but here's the group for now;

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

To INFINITY and beyond - Day 15

Hello people,

A bit more of gap between posts but as I head back to work on Thursday things ramp up much as they often do. Since last time various bits of progress have been made.

First I kind of cracked down at Dark Sphere last Thursday and made a number of "relevant investments". First up I picked up a couple of Micro Art scenery pieces that give me a complete 4x4 with a number of options. The security tower should fit on top of the administrative block for an extra bit of hight. I'll keep my eyes open for extras but I'm happy with the set so that one's sorted.

Whilst digging through their scenery stock I also came across a set of WarArsenal acrylic silhouette markers which I couldn't resist. Adding a laser pointer means I now have rules, army lists, tokens and accessories covered off.
I've also spent some time researching list options, as in what I've got versus what I'd like to run at 300 points. Part of this has meant looking at some of my duplicate figures having doubled up on Op Icestorm. Specifically my two Grenzer snipers will be painted up as a Spektr and an Intruder respectively. One of my Spektrs will become a Zero, a Reverend Moria a Tunguska Inventnor and a female Aguacile becomes Ms Balboa.

I'm not sure that such proxies are entirety tourney legal but that's not too huge an issue for the moment. Picking up the support pack leaves me looking for a few remotes to round out my options for a good while. I'm also going to pick up a KR case for storage.

To that end my Attack Wing Klingons have made it onto flea bay along with along few X-Wing Rebel alternate art and crew cards.

Last but not least the Nomads have had some brush time and now that I'm into the swing I'm confident of getting everything done before heading back to the grindstone.

A clear weekend remains as backup ; )

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Just the two of us

Hello people,

As a variation to the recent Infinity theme myself and Nigel G, aka The Dark Destroyer, took a trip to Dunstable for 5 rounds of flying casual. As a challenge we swapped regular roles Nigel runing a swarm while I went with a two ship build of Soontir Fell and Admiral Chirpy both loaded to the gills.

I'm more than happy with Soontir and have had previous success with the decimator. It's a bit of a notorious net-list which I would normally generally avoid up curiosity won out. Despite having experience with both elements I felt shorn of my  customary swarm.

In short I ended up with a 100-nil win, a 100-nil loss, two close losses and a nil-nil draw which supports the belief that even net-lists need to be well flown.

Generally I know where I went wrong and what I forgot at times. I flew Soontir well but I kind of had to as I let Chirpy died too quickly too often, though dice did play their part at times. I'd been advised that with two ships ALWAYS play the safe option but a few moments of red mist proved crucial.

Overall it was good to give a two ship list a go. It increased my understanding playing with and against such lists, the day was pretty much dominated by them. I can see why Decimators have dropped down the meta list which itself makes me want to see what I can do with a similar list. Kenkirk has done well for me previously as has the Pope-Mobile so there are a few options

We can make it if we try ☺

Thursday, 25 June 2015

To INFINITY and beyond - Day 10 prt 2

Hello people,

So technically I've slipped into day 11 but hey not by much and these are my guidelines I'm bending :)

 As below I've finished up 10 of Rob's Tohaa. I went pretty much the box colour scheme, other than turning them all ginger for a bit of a focus colour. As with my Brigada I've discovered that Infinity figures really benefit from as clean a paint job as you can manage. That pretty much reflects the sculpts themselves which are what I'd call a "true" scale rather than "heroic", clean and crisp without becoming busy.

Once I'd worked that one out they paint up pretty quickly whilst still rewarding attention to detail. It makes all of that construction pain well worth it, more or less. Another 20 Painting Points in the bag and I reckon I can get everything finished before heading back to the grindstone......more or less ;)

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

To INFINITY and beyond - Day 10 part 1

Okay, so another missed post but that kind of gets me back on track, kind of!

In the intervening period there has at least been some decent progress.

First up a £30 kids construction kit from Toys R Us has been a major find providing a mobile crane, dump truck, digger, JCB, skip, oil drums, signs and stop boards. Re-sprayed grey they'll be detailed up a fit the industrial theme well.
Quite a bit of it got onto the table last night as well as various extras. Below is an objective crate, objective civilian, base markers and a pair of repeaters.
As well as all that I've, eventually  (with Charlie's tech support) got the printer set up and sorted out all of my tokens.

On the brush front Rob's Tohaa starter set is just awaiting highlights which I hope to post up later. Until then it's back to earth taking the car for its MOT. Delight!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

To INFINITY and beyond - Day 7

Hello people,

Yeah so I missed a day but that was always going to happen at some point a day I have actually made some progress ��

First up Richard dropped round yesterday and my setup got its first run out. In short I didn't have as much scenery coverage as I thought! Even with two basic sets plus a few extras moving up from 3x3 to 4x4 was bigger than I thought, that extra 3sqft makes a big difference. The AT-43 tiles do well a day I'll continue with the industrial theme. I need a few bigger, taller pieces and extra scatter. A visit to Toys R Us is on the cards.
The game itself was a convincing win for Rich though I got to do a bit of hacking and it gave me plenty of ideas for future lists, tactics and matching the two. Infinity is a brutal game but all the better for it. I shall be investing in some drones imminently!
Another bonus was having my list up on the tablet which made life far easier.
Today I slapped together the tokens I got from Op Icestorm  backing them on to acrylic crafting domes picked up via E-Bay. Tomorrow I'll set up the printer to sort out a bunch more.

Major bonus of the day is actually getting in some brushwork, though I've done the usual and gone straight for the boss models in the form of two Mobile Brigada. I W's keen to keep them similar but with individual heraldry and I'm pretty pleased with the resultsame.  First Painting Points in a while too.

They were fairly quick to paint being finely sculpted figures but not hugely busy. Nice paints :)

Tohaa tomorrow!