Friday, 31 July 2015

And now for something.....

.....completely different.

Another busy week elsewhere unfortunately but hey that's life.
Last Sunday was another X-Wing tourney this time run by Warboar down in Croydon, ostensibly as a celebratory event for 186 Squadron. Plenty of the  squadron were in attendance and as such it was always going to be a high end field.
Following the recent dual IG-2000 backlash I ran my own counter list which just happened to be another Firespray / Swarm combo;

Kath Scarlet - Predator - Mangler Cannon - Tactician - Engine Upgrade
Academy TIE Fighter x 4
At range two Kath can punt out two Stress which is going to cause anyone grief. The swarm swarm. Simples!
In short I went 4-1 to claim 4th which was very pleasing. More than that I flew well every game and it was mainly dice that cost me game 3. My opponents were varied and included one double IG list where I took control early and never let go. Four shuttles was the toughest game of the day and far closer than the scoreline suggested.
Without trying to big myself up too much I now play this game to a high level, thankfully while having fun, which is something I haven't often said about the games I've played over the years.

Dark Sphere have their own tourney Sunday and it'll be the same list again before we head off to the Scandinavian Nationals in Copenhagen. Never done that before either!

Before that Rich and I are heading down to Tonbridge tomorrow for what will be my first Infinity tourney. I don't expect much other than a steep learning curve. It will be interesting as well as educational to be at the other end of the field.

First and foremost though it's always about playing the game and rolling sone dice, at least it is for me :)

Friday, 24 July 2015


Hello again and welcome to Rob's Tohaa as previously promised / threatened  (delete as appropriate)

I have to admit that I'm not so sure who is who other than a decending order of elite status. Command, rankers, auxiliaries and support from what I remember.

Tohaa come across to me as vaguely mystical bio-tech. Not sure if they're vat grown and / or hug trees but they have a number of viral weapons with the elites sporting multiple wound and symbiant armour. The first time I used my Intruder sniper with a good combination of Camo and Armour Rob bypassed all that with a shot of plague, much to my chagrin. On the flip side they really don't like flamethrowers while I never leave home without a few ;)

Pretty much honours even so far!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Age of.......Confusion

Hello people,

Brace yourself it's another meandering musings post.

So, as I don't live under a rock I've been watching the community reaction to Age of Sigmar. On the face of it its been pretty polarised with plenty of RAGE to go with the usual froth.

For me it's been more a case of confusion and resultant caution. I'll explain ;)

In honesty I simply don't understand where GW is going with this one. It's been just over 10 years since I left them so I'm sure I'm well out of the loop but I just don't get it. As much as I'm well out of the GW hobby I feel they've made some positive moves going weekly with White Dwarf, End of Times and the Skittari. As much as the demise of Fantasy has been rumoured for sometime I never expected this.....whatever it is!
A set of free to download quick-play mini-skirmish rules without a points system and whacky rules is a HUGE departure from the GW norm. It's almost like they're trying to out Mantic Mantic. Add in the Stormborn as a blatant link into 30/40K and is it really that simple? The most obvious answer is often the most likely and in hindsight I can see the progression with Fantasy Apocalypse, monstrous creatures and arcane scenery. It's almost like it's a return to Realms of Chaos / Lost and the Damned style gaming, almost, and you've got to go back a long way for that.

There's plenty of "opinion" out there but Tabletop Gaming News recently put up an unboxing review that covers all the bases, pardon the pun, without becoming hysterical.

In honesty I understand the RAGE with the apparent total about face after the move to bigger and bigger blocks of rank and file. Given GW's track record of abandoning previous editions and spin offs, Specialist Games anyone?, I feel that I can understand the angst. I'm sure plenty of people will play on with whatever edition they like but it has to come with the knowledge that GW WILL leave them behind. If it were me, which it isn't (thankfully), I'd be more than a bit narked feeling that my investment in the game has just been utterly scrapped for something far far less.....

I'm sure that there's got to be more to come from AoS, you'd damn well hope so, but I've always felt that the Fantasy community regarded themselves a cut above 40K, as a proper wargames, and I doubt they like feeling like they're being dragged down. Lets not even mention the idea of rebasing your whole army :/

For myself I've got enough LOTR orcs to put a force on the table and give it a go. In truth I'm kind of scared to.......I might just like it!  ;)

I shall be watching with quiet(ish) interest........

Sunday, 19 July 2015


Hello people,

Sunday evening I finally set up a photo shoot for the To INFINITY and Beyond project.

As such here are my Nomads, from bottom to top;
- Mobile Brigada and Lupe Balboa proxy
- Tomcats,  a big personal favourite of mine 
- Zero, Spektr sniper and Spektr 
- Algausciles, the guy with the stub antennas is to represent a hacking device 

Unfortunately I forgot to get shots of the Reverend Moria and her twin sister Interventor but not great worry.

Later in the week Rob's Tohaa take centre stage while I continue the construction production line. So far I've put together Dr Worm, his assistants and a trio of zonds with minimal rage. Long may it continue :)

Friday, 17 July 2015

Hit and Run

Hello people,

Yes, yet another I haven't done too much this week though that isn't entirely true.

Tuesday night at the club we ran through several rounds of an Infinity TAG mini game, that I shall attempt to link at some point, for which I did complete putting together my Iguana. Rich also gifted me some of Ancenotti's particularly lovely resin scenery pieces consisting of a bubble car and a pair of bikes and vending machines for which I'm very grateful.
Rob also dropped off his latest Tohaa acquisitions while I then came home to my own Nomad and Shasvassti reinforcements on the doorstep. These were soon followed by the sets of Tau transfers that I picked up from E-Bay. As such Lead Mountain has grown somewhat and is currently spread about the flat in an attempt to disguise itself.

Meanwhile tomorrow is another day out playing X-Wing for which I'very recent lying repainted a trio of M3A Interceptors and another Z95. I will set up the photo box over the weekend and have a major shoot of recent additions.

You have been warned :)

Monday, 13 July 2015

WORK sucks. make it better

Hello people,

I've not said much because there's not been too much to say. Going back to work and having a few other bits on has meant very minimal Hobby-time.

I've managed to build and base the Nomad support pack and Iguana but that's been about it. I've managed a few games and worked on a Corrigedor list. Played significantly better with the Tomcats.

"Investment" wise I've done much better. Father dearest also got me a Meteor Zond and I've picked up a pack of basic art stencils to try out at some point. The Klingon fleet has now been recycled into a few more remotes and a Med-Tech "Doctor Worm". A C3-PO card went today as well so there's some reserves as well.

Rob has also mentioned that he's ordered a few bits so I forsee super-glued figures in my near future. Back to the grindstone; )

Monday, 6 July 2015

Beyond Thunderdome #1

Hello people,

I have to admit that I enjoyed To INFINITY and Beyond so much that I couldn't let it die. As such the ongoing project will become Thunderdome as an homage to much of my influence for the scenery set and my viewpoint on the game as grown up Necromunda. Also it should serve to stop me repearedly almost buying sets of Dark Future on Ebay!
First up I bought myself an Iguana as a birthday present. Father dearest has also procured some remotes, though I'm not sure which as yet. My Klingon fleet sold for £65 which will be recycled into more remotes. This will give me options for Hacker / Corrigedor lists upto 400 points and the intention to complete a box set per week.
Scenery will be a rolling project and the weeks progress has been getting the Micro Art Admin Block and Gaurd Tower put together and put through a few levels of spray. I still feel that I'm lying a bit of height but table time will tell. I have a few ideas brewing.

More cruise control rather than high pursuit :)