Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Inexorable Advance

Rejoice once, Rejoice twice, Rejoice THRICE!!!

Nurgle be praised I have finally finished up some Death Gaurd, specifically the Malignant Plaguecaster and the two Hellbrutes :)

As previously mentioned it took a while to work out what I was doing with the paint / wash balance so reverted to my tried and tested method of finishing up the bases to give context. It worked a charm!
So that leaves;
1 x Lord
1 x Noxious Blight bringer
21 x Plague Marines (3 7 man squads of course!)
1 x Rhino
2 x Blight Drone
As such I of course spent some payday moola sorting out a winged Daemon Prince which after an afternoon's construction is just requiring final detailing and a suitably bubonic base. I've had my eye on the Maggoth Lord kit for a while, was a dream to work with and has supplied a wealth of spare parts for further character conversions. An E-Bay Plague Drone provided the wings which, by fortune, suit him particularly well. The level of detail is fantastic to the point where I'll struggle to add too much more. The 40K twist will likely be subtle and mainly from the base.

So that'll be plenty for now. Typhus and some Mantic Zombies will drag themselves onto the Christmas list but need to be earnt first.

Happy days ;)

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