Friday, 20 January 2012

The Unusual Suspects

Tuesday night Lewis' Necromunda campaign kicked off at Enfield Gamers and I for one had been looking forward to this one as Necromunda gives me a direct link back to when GW was COOL!!

I wanted to use my Copplestone / Rogue Trooper figures and reviewing what I had it quickly became clear that close combat was the far lesser option and as such it was a toss up between going for Van Saar or Delaque. With the Genetic Infantry being high end bio-technology in themselves Van Saar tipped the balance.

As such greet the gang, Rogue's Rejects;
Alpha Team: Gunnar (Ganger w Lasgun); Rogue (Leader w Plasma Gun); Bagman (Ganger w Lasgun);
Bravo Team: Venus (Ganger w Lasgun); Eight-Ball (Ganger w Lasgun); Lulu (Ganger w Lasgun)
Charlie Team: Bo (Juve w A Pistol); Franky (Heavy w Flamer); Luke (Juve w A Pistol)
Delta Team: Jym (Juve w A Pistol); Benny (Heavy w Flamer); Bexley (Juve w A Pistol)

So two games on the night, each with a bonus campaign territory on offer, plenty to play for.

Despite best intentions I hadn't managed any practice games and so was a bit rusty when facing Stewart's Escher. Based on Dark Eldar Wyches his gang looks very dynamic and soon launched a concerted frontal assault against my slightly skewed deployment.
To be honest he totally got the drop on me and it was only luck that saved me, his being significantly worse than mine. Somehow coming out of this mis-match with only one fighter downed I countered up the left flank with a flamer and the Juves flooring three.

Stewart duly failed the very first bottle-roll of both the game and his campaign to leave me with the win. To rub in salt one of his girls was killed while I didn't have to make a single injury roll. Karma then settled things with me as I got greedy with my Archeotech Horde and ruined it, literally! Fair enough really.

Second game was against Lewis' Goliaths. We were both toting a pair of flamer heavies which saw some serious cat and mouse. Reacting to Lewis' two sets of tunnels I set up on either flank but quickly realised that I had OVER-reacted.
As Lewis shifted his focus to my right flank I raced across the high ground, losing one of my GI's to a fall, until Lewis made the early campaign Death or Glory charge which left me with a third of the gang down or out of action.

Faced with stacking odds I decided to concentrate on another day and gave up the game along with the bonus territory. Karma once again rode in as I had 4 serious injury rolls to make......a full recovery and various scarring resulting in a LD 9 heavy and two Juves that cause fear.

Post game was even better with an Isotropic Fuel Rod to convert my new Ruin into a Homestead and a Hot-shot Power Pack for one of my couple of gangers who picked up BS advances. Three Juves all picked up Techno skills. Not too shabby despite mis-deploying twice.

NEVER split the party! :)

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