Monday, 16 January 2012


So tearing myself away from forging a matching set of of Nordic Steel Plate for my Orc beserker type, he's level 11 now don't you know and getting rather tasty with has magic greatsword, I've finished off the Star Wars Gunship.

As well as accidentally breaking off the laser cannons I also managed to break the flying stand. In repairing it I unavoidably adjusted the Gunship's positioning, slightly pitched forwards and nose down. To me it looks like it's just making dust-off, much like a helicopter. Two happy accidents then.

I do just need to gloss varnish the canopies and sight lenses, didn't realise I didn't have any until I looked for it, but I'm claiming the PPs now, all 10 of them. So that's 15 for the month and 5 more required with 15 days to go..........maybe just forge a dagger or two first :)

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