Sunday, 1 January 2012

End of the year SHOW

Merry New Year to you all and I hope that you all got plenty of Toys gifts a week ago.

This was one of my better ones, or at least one of those that I didn't buy myself. Being 3+ assembly shouldn't be too terrible but planking and detailing it up looks formidable time-wise. A slow burner then though I'm keen to get this done for St Peytersburg which will be a priority for 2012.

Doing the typical end of year stuff I managed 362 Painting Points last year against a barely registered target of 240 (150%). That's an equivalent of 181 28mm figures at 15 a month. Hopefully that equals at least one decent army, depending on what anyone might play.

I've documented this for "posterity", apparently, with with 128 post at 10.6666667 a month, which maybe doubly evil, with 5847 pageviews whilst doubling my followers.

As referred to in my most personally satifying post HERE none of the above means a thing!

Moving into 2012 I wish to concentrate on the following over the next six months;

1. Get St Peytersburg / Zom-Heim somewhere decent. For this I need to get back to painting figures rather than scenery.....just once I've done a bit more scenery.

2. Sell off the last of the Orcs & Goblins and trade them in for Warhammer Invasion, which I hope to introduce to my wider gaming group. For this I need to get back to painting figures, spot the theme! I'm also going to reinvest prior to sale but then we've ALL done that!

3. Just play games and campaigns for a bit without running one, which I've always enjoyed, but need to do to focus elsewhere.

Hardly life-changing stuff, or is it? Probably more accurate to say life-enhancing as surely that's why we all bother in the first place. Hopefully so!

The main threat to the above is Skyrim, which I may have problems dominating my spare time once I'm back to work on Tuesday! Just a quick half hour eh?


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