Friday, 30 December 2011

Back-Seat Gaming

Yesterday a few of the boys dropped round for an afternoon and evening of general nerdiness.

Big Rob and Mr Christian were first through the door and after various bits of chatter we found ourselves playing through a bit of Skyrim, an x-mas present to myself!

What was me playing under their advice Rob having played previous editions of The Elder Scrolls, unlike myself, and both of my compatriots seasoned WoWers, unlike myself once again.

Slightly Big Bang style Mr C was browsing the net for forum and wiki advice to fuel our three way voyage of discovery. The depths of my ignorance were quickly plumbed, they are deep!

Throughout there were many cries of "Heal! Heal!" and various other such advices that I'm sure that the majority of us have received and proffered at various times during our

This set me to thinking that back-seat gaming comes in many forms but tends to only ever be either genuine advice or one-up-manship especially in the virtual forum....and forums! Unfortunately the latter seems to be more prevalent than the former.

Roleplaying, as a group activity, is an obvious breeding ground, as such, given that even the best groups will plan things on the fly out of character and remind each other of various required actions, especially as each group will have its natural leader and pecking order.

Once Stewart rolled in we cracked out War On Terror followed by a bit of Munchkin Impossible. Stewart hadn't played either and it was only WOT's 4th ever outing so it was Learn With Mother for a turn or three. Another example?
Back at WOT, Mr C went aggressive as early as possible, nuking Stewart on turn 2, and as such setting himself up as Target 1. With the other 3 of us playing nicely we actually got our first proper win out of WOT on Liberation Points. I came close building up through the lower, more minor, continents only to be hauled down allowing Rob to steal in by controlling Asia, always difficult in RISK, and maxing out on cities.

Lots of group feedback and game strategy chat as we played through as we all learnt together, finding out a good few things that we had previously been doing wrong along the way.

Back-seat gaming?

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