Friday, 2 December 2011

Zom-Heim 1.1

Stuart dropped round on Tuesday night for another run out for Zom-Heim and a few games of Fantasy Flight's Living Card Game Warhammer Invasion.

This time with Z-H we used a deck of cards for activation / initiative, mainly as I'd remembered to find a deck. It worked just as well as we remembered, though in honesty not really better than a D6, and added the little touch of tension that I was looking for to give the feel of the horror genre.

I ran out the Undead zombie horde again, though this time limited to a LEGAL 15 figures, of a vampire, necromancer, dreg and a dozen shamblers to check the balance.

Running out against them was a Witch Hunter list representing the local nobility and their tenants consisting of maxed out heroes, inc priest, all toting sword and braces of pistols plus 7 zealots with bows and hammers as yokels with worn out muskets and staves.

Two games and one win a piece, playing both sides I lost twice (as gracious host obviously). Between games I had a blinding idea to balance costs as continuing at 600 GC as the Undead were under pointed. Basically, spend the extra cash on stat upgrades for the heroes. We gave this a go for the second game and it wasn't overpowered.

Now I just need to work through some more lists and look at national characteristics. 1.2 shouldn't be too far away :)

We also ran through four games of Warhammer Invasion which were games 2 to 5 for me. I played Magic many years ago and had a quick look again a few months ago but didn't for a number of reasons. Hardly an objective review but I LIKE WI.

Nice bit of resource management and plenty of different strategies sat on top of a deceptively simple mechanic. You also get your junkie hit of GW lustrous imagery and background without having to invest a small fortune and hundreds of brush hours only to be let down by the actual game and a number of its players. Just my tuppence you understand ;)

Another possible distraction!
We got a great big Zom-voy!
Child labour? Witch Hunter vs Dreg
The Battle for the Bacon
Diving charge gone horribly, horribly wrong!
Welcome to St Peytersburg
The town welcome commitee turn out....
....only to become a light snack!


  1. Glad you liked WI. If it catches on we could try 4 player.

    I disagree with your comment about the cards. I thought that they were better than a D6 because there were the tactical options of saving certain cards for later turns, or bidding low if you want the opponent to go first (to rout first for example).

  2. That's a good point with the cards, it didn't feel like it came through too much with a hand of 12 as we rarely got in that many turns. Thinking that hands of 6 would be better either shuffled back into the deck or discarded to reduce the pool?