Sunday, 25 December 2011

Swords to Ploughshares??

Stuart dropped round Friday night and before you knew it we'd played through 3 or so hours of Fantasy Flight's Warhammer Invasion. The phrase I kept on using was "Just one more game"!

I've blogged about how much I've enjoyed playing this game previously. My second proper session just drove home the subtlety of the varied strategies and tactics within the game, each faction and even each deck. I'm sold!

As such I've re-found my motivation to paint-up and sell-off the last of my WH Orcs and reinvest in WI Orcs and Gobs....Chaos...Empire....and a game the I WILL actually play and WILL enjoy. I'll likely have some change as well :)

Merry Chrimble!
This lot shall be painted and sold.... purchase a fair old lump of this!

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  1. I think it was closer to 4 hours in the end, but it did fly by. I'm gonna have to spend some time putting decks together with different strategies so we can try them out. Like an Orc deck with a hope of beating the Dark Elf one I used for example.

    Maybe if I beat you enough times, you'll spell my name right... :-P