Thursday, 22 December 2011

Rat Stat Attack

Tuesday night the Enfield Gamers played throught he final round of the Mordheim wilderness campaign, the Grimoire of Grunburg and it was time for the ANCIENT RITUAL to locate the Grimoire.

My Orcs were in the driving seat having gained possession of the relevant old hermit who knew too much and Ed's Skaven were the obvious protagonists being the campaign's top ranked warband by some margin.
Turn 1
With an odd number of players the Orcs employed Jon's Possessed band and their shaman to conduct the ANCIENT RITUAL, as the Orc shaman didn’t understand anything non fungal, whilst the Skaven attempted to stop them or even hijack the ANCIENT RITUAL via a Hold the Find scenario.

Everyone else played linked games feeding into the final result. In short the Skaven overwhelmed us in 4 turns taking out both the possessed and orc shamans just as the ANCIENT RITUAL was reaching its conclusion and as such were able to complete the ritual and claim the Grimoire of Grunwald.
Turn 2
Highlights included Ed taking out 7 of our combined number before we even got a turn and my troll ALMOST taking down the frenzied death-sword wielding Skaven sorcerer by vomiting on him repeatedly and making disgusting number of regeneration rolls. It was actually fairly close ritual wise, Jon just needed to roll a 5 plus in our final turn to complet the ANCIENT RITUAL but his shaman got pinned to the back of the troll by a critical spear hit and it was all to much for him!

I'd set it all up using the relevant warband ratings which are, like any such systemm far from infallible. The rating takes most things into account, equipment through cost, skills via experience. What it CAN'T take into account, no whinge implied, is well worked combinations.
Turn 3
Ed's sorceror has been a campaign wide terror with access to the Black Fury spell being frenzied with a pair of +1 swords and the support of a Witch to potentially Scry him D3 re-roll.

His warband also totes a number of lucky charm re-rolls helping exploration. Again, no whinge just a very well managed warband, the experience to know the combos that he wants to set up and then doing it. Good dice are less necessary at that point :)

You can use statistics to prove anything you like.....74% of people know that one :)

What the skaven now do with the Grimoire and any attempt by THE COUNT to reclaim it, he did stitch the Skaven up on this one, could be played out sometime next year if we fancied another campaign. Thanks to all who took part, I really enjoyed running it though I would definately keep things a bit simpler next time round though!

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