Sunday, 27 November 2011


Afternoon all.

Wasps lost away to London Irish this afternoon. Apparently it was a rather lacklustre game. We did at least score the only try of the game but gave away SEVEN kickable penalties. We did the same against Newcastle a couple of months back and the talk then was all about indiscipline. Boring but important.

I KNOW that most gamers have the same issue when sticking to planned projects. I've been experiencing a reasonable bout myself recently coupled with a fairly busy real life.

Having picked up a few other bits recently and selling the painted O&G's last weekend has taken the steam out of that particular project. The 30 strong block of boyz has been stared at a few times but that's been it!

This weekend I've finally got to grips with various bits lying around the place, cleared the decks and had a bit of a word with myself.... I've also done a deal for a bit of variation.

Well it is Christmas......almost!

The church has had a dust of white spray over the brown and all the tiled sections blacked in. The plan is to Devlan Mud everything and then drybrush back up to white. With the rooves I want to try the multi-shaded tiles technique that I've seen used to good effect elsewhere.
With my unexpected success in the Mordheim campaign I'm in need of some Orcs and these Rackham Samadat armoured Goblins will do well for them. Armed with swords and axes I need to source some axes, possibly Marauder ones which will be the full extent of any conversion work. Paint jobs as before.
The Gunship has had its based gravelled and a coat of black undercoat. Intention is to go for a hard edge blu-tack blob camo working through dark green, mid green to dark sand using foundation paints. Had thought of picking up some sprays for that but will give the tank brush a go first.
A quick 90 minute job in between the other bits to put some points on the board for the month...all three of them!

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