Monday, 14 November 2011

The Army Painter

The past week, mainly the end part, has finally witnessed some brushtime all of which has been devoted to my first block of 30 Orc Boyz, see updated WIP page.

I'm sure that we've all experienced the vaguely numbing pain of block painting a large regiment. For Fantasy stuff I often spray black and then Ogre Flesh, followed by drybrushes up through the browns to get the leatherwork done early and key the majority of colours. Then comes near instant descent into Oh My Dear God (OMDG) as I begin basecoating in all of the block colours...... until about three or fours colours things seem to pull together a bit.

By comparison detail work is a relative breeze and wash-work strangely staisying before realising that I'm only half-way and higlighting is required. Enter my friend OMDG
In preparation for said roller-coaster ride I've recently laid in some supplies and filled a few holes in my hobby supplies. I've been aware of The Army Painter range for a while now but have been vaguely put off by their promotion of dip-shading, about which I harbour dark age atitudes (though I admit it could be a useful tool).

Anyway, back at the point, primarily due to cost I dropped a couple of their sprays and glues into my virtual basket and needing some brushes decided to continue with the theme. I like the way that they name their brushes with their intent in mind and so picked up the above.

Shaped more chunkily, somewhat pen-like, than GW's offerings I've fond them to be very comfortable in the hand delivering a high degree of control. I really like them and wiould recommend them highly.

Always happy to be wrong, just as well given how often it happens!!

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