Monday, 7 November 2011

It's ALIVE.... Franken-Leg?!!

As previously metioned I recently picked up Dashing Dice Games' halloween released Witchfinder General: Days of Revolution. It turned up last week and I've slowly been reading through.

For being home published it's another perfect bind quality product and there are some nice ideas within the mechanics, though I am only about halfway through.

Alternate activation within the turn is a personal favourite and there are some interesting ideas for terrain, gloomy conditions, cavalry and artillery as well as looting livestock.

Other bits just feel different rather than better than other stuff but I should reseve judgement until I play a game.

Scenarios are there but not any army list type stuff or a campaign system and I do want that. It can all be added in but if I'm doing that then why not reverse the process into a system that I'm more familiar with and am already thinking of using?

Having read a few more pages on the train home INSPIRATION struck on the wander home and the bolt has sparked a birth;

Oddleg’s Enterprises in Association with Angry Productions proudly presents;

Zom-Heim 1.0
This a WIP set of “conversion” rules for Mordheim intended to sit alongside and be played in conjunction with the Empire In Flames wilderness campaign rules supplement available for download from the Games Workshop website.

Just in case it needs saying everything presented here is entirely unofficial and all my fault!

Play Mordheim but with the following additions / adaptions;

Turn Sequence / Priority;

Use a standard deck of cards with the Jokers removed. Deal 12 cards to each player.

At the beginning of each turn each player “bids” a card from his hand, both playing them face up simultaneously. Highest card gains priority Ace high suited Diamond, Heart, Club, Spade low to high.

Starting with the player who won priority each player activates either one Hero or a group of up to three Henchmen who are within 4” coherency and runs through the full turn sequence with the activated figure(s). Continue to activate back and forth until ALL figures have been at which point the turn ends.

Once all 12 cards in each player’s hands have been played discard them and deal 6 new cards to each player. Should insufficient cards remain in the deck for all players to receive 6 cards reshuffle the full deck and repeat the 6 card deal.

So, not a lot so far but on top of the previous Zom-Heim army lists it feels like a decent start. I'm tagetting a couple of games on the Club's next Open Gaming night and I'll see where it goes from there.

All feedback welcome!

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