Saturday, 5 November 2011

Dyin' Ain't Much of a Livin'

And yes I do fully intend to work through the whole of the album for titles :)

Another session of Deadlands Thursday night and I'm really enjoying the system and setting. Having got a better hold on how to play the rolls we got some work in on playing the roles!

Despite each of us receiving a random pre-generated character most of us seem to be continuing a  previous theme.
- Charlie has a / another amoral wilderness warrior with a penchant for large guns and an overwhelming urge to deploy massive firepower. D&D: Elven Ranger bow-master. Star Wars: Human Mercenary.
- Rob has a / another man of god. The current one was "inspired" to liberate a gatling shotgun and employ it to do "Good". Shame about the bounty on his head! D&D: Dwarven Cleric. Star Wars: Mon Calamari Sniper / Field Medic
- Myself, I've picked up an investigative reporter surviving on persuasion and smarts whilst avoiding a stand-up fight at all cost. D&D: Halfing Rogue

Only Mr Christian has had a major change picking up a Card-Shark Mage against his D&D Paladin and Star Wars close combat Quarren soldier.

Nothing wrong with any of that, just an observation.
Moving on from Tree-Ville with met up with our new employer to whom we are to act as bodygaurd while he picks up and delivers a steam-punk super-valve to a lumber camp. We had the evening to ourselves and Mr C's card-shark set to work cheating the locals out of the majority of their earnings ably assisted by Rob's "prayers". Their prior Paladanic / Clerical combo would be turning in their cots!

Next morning we went to catch the train only to be desperado'd on the crowded platform. I dived for cover, taking our employer with him, whilst the other boys opened up with maximum effect! The local Marshall prevented me from liberating and newly unwanted items to sell on. Old habits!

Delivering the valve it turned out to be for a new ghost-rock powered mechanical logging machine. With a number of dignitaries in camp the Prof spooled it up for the first time only for my Danger Sense to kick off. KA-BOOM!!!

Previously we'd done a bit of investigative groundwork and any possible sabotage could come down to a number of factors. The rival camp down the road has a similar machine being built by the Prof's ex partner. The local Indians have asked both camps to leave their sacred trees in the vertical position and a number of parties of logging scouts (ahem) have gone missing!

That would be my bit then!

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