Saturday, 19 November 2011


Big toys, BIG boys!
No jazz hands but plenty of the usual, though Warfare was only my second show of the year and it's not fair to compare to Salute. Well attended by traders, gamers, games and the general "fraternity" it was a good day out.

Scarily all of the O&Gs bar the Giant sold, because he's a monster of colour?, putting £120 into my pocket.

The obvious question is could I therefore have got more on E-Bay? Answer; don't know and not bothered. The extra expense was well worth the day out and I picked everything up when I still had a staff discount.

Being disturbingly restrained I picked up a few bits of scenery for CURRENT projects only so Renedra's Tent Camp and Barrel packs, some wooden crates and a small flock of sheep.

Think of me what you will!

Products For Wargamers produce a range of laser cut self assembly MDF buildings, of which I have a couple, and had an excellent new part built building frame. They sold out so I'll order from the site, should be up on Tuesday
Write your own SAGA
We spent a fair bit of time early on taking in a demo game of Gripping Beast's SAGA, of which I have sent plenty blogged about. Some really nice ideas in there for what looks like a simple skirmish game with resource management and everything! We bought a set with intent to try them out Romans vs Gladiators in time for the next series of Spartacus.
LEGO Dr Who vs the Daleks
There was some nice games about but not too many that I hadn't seen before other than this one. Apparently it cost a small fortune in LEGO and Daleks. Great idea though.
Very, very multi-part :(
Some time later
Some more big ol' boys!
Rich picked up Soda Pop's Super Dungeon Explore and we found a spare table and cups of tea to crack on with a game only to find that the figures were very, very multi-part. 90 minutes and much "commentary" later we played the 30 minute tutorial....for about an hour. Since then we've worked out what we were doing wrong :)

Good game, good game!!

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