Sunday, 6 November 2011

What a difference a crowd makes

WARNING: This is a sports based post.....

Haven't touched the brushes at all this week for a number of reasons. One of them was that I went to Wembley on Sunday, in the company of the Dawes, to watch a double header of Four Nations International Rugby League.

Now League isn't MY version of rugby and is often viewed, by union fans, as the poorer relation for and played by northerners and big girl's blouses.

The first game was Wales vs New Zealand was a massive non event with the Haka being the most entertaining moment of an utter mis-match whitewash. You could visibly see the Kiwis coast through the last quarter whilst the crowd entertained itself with an obligatory mexican wave.
England vs Australia was an absolute stormer. England went hard down route 1 for the whistle and the crowd reaction was fervent to the point of outright hostility. Now I shout my head off at a Wasps game but it's WHAT I, and my fellow supporters of both sides, shout that's somewhat different. I've NEVER booed or whistled an opposition kicker either.

Nothing as bad as a football match but it was a level that I'm not used to or more to the point was expectant of, not that I'm looking to exacerbate the North - South divide you understand!

It was a quality game with plenty of conviction form both sides. The mood of the crowd was not helped by a number of crucial ref decisions going against England and the Kangaroos eventually ran out as winners. Interesting to see how England went with Bash whilst the Aussies looked to move the ball a lot more, much like their Union reputations!

Rugby League; played and supported by Northerners, no big girl's blouses. Personally I'll be sticking to scrums, rucks and mauls.


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