Thursday, 24 November 2011

Tough at the Top??

The latest session of Enfield Gamers Mordheim campaign, run by yours truly took place on Tuesday night and my incredible run of luck reached new heights as, despite my best efforts the Oriental O&G's triumphed again.

Going for a bit of multi-player action the two prime warbands, myself and Ed's Skaven, were both entrusted by The Count escort his personal seer to an Arcane Fulcrum outside of Grunburg to perform an ANCIENT RITUAL to locate the Grimoire of Grunburg. Scene-stealing stuff!!
Using the Breakthrough scenario, with a few minor tweeks, the other warbands lay in ambush. Three sets of human Mercs and the Undead jumped Ed whilst both Dwarf bands and the Possessed blocked my path.

Both myself and Ed had what we both believed to be a real seer and a decoy, not being aware of each other's mission, thus only one of the four was the real deal and one of us had been double crossed by  The Count.

Even with rout tests at 50% I honestly expected niether of us to make it through and as such have the ambushing warbands squabble amongst themselves. This was not to be the case.

I'll assume that  Ed used superior cunning, skill and application of force. I happen to know that I rolled a horrific number of 6s on casualty rolls which quickly saw Rob's Dwarves routed and my right flank open for a bunch of gobbos to leg it down with my non-decoy seer. Even despite my Troll failing repeated Stupidity tests I fought Jon's Possessed to Rout only to be hammered, literally, by Ian's slower Dwarven reserve who didn't take a single casualty.

With both apparently kosher Seers kept safe an odds-evens roll would decide which band had been double wasn't me.

So next time out it's ANCIENT RITUAL time with the the bloke whose running he campaign in the boss seat........move along, move along, nohing to see here ;)
The Road To Hell??
The Dwarves routed left an open flank
Mopping up on the left
The Lone Troll drools on!

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