Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Zom-Heim 1.0: Not awful!!

Following previous posts HERE and HERE, last night at the club I roped Charlie, Lewis ans Stuart into playtesting Zom-Heim 1.0 with me. Cheers lads!

We played through the Defend the Find scenario a couple of times, playing once with each side. On all occasions it was the the Undead as attacker with either Sharpe's 95th or Rogers' Rangers defending.

From the start things looked stacked against the defenders, especially against the zombie horde list. In the end it was a 3-1 victory count to the Undead with the two games involving the Ghoul family being very close run.

The zombie horde games were rather one sided but, as we later discovered, that was mainly because I failed to notice that the Undead can have a max of 15 warband members .....rather than 22!

Otherwise, the initiative thing worked well, adding an extra element of Horror-ific tension, though having to constantly reload handguns did a lot of that! A few little things came up which were all dealt with comfortably by common sense, which was rather pleasing.

Two ad-hoc revisions were allowed along the way;
- Overwatch, lifted straight from Necromunda, which worked seamlessly.
- All handgun equipped models gained a "free" spear to represent a bayonet. It just seemed necessary to give even managed to take out a charging Ghoul Lord (Vampire), much to my personal disappointment.

So all in all pretty good, definitely not awful which was my fear. The whole idea definitely seems to have legs. I think I next need to work up some warband variant and having already been thinking about how to work in National Characteristics that seem de-rigour for the period.

To Excel!! :) 

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