Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Mash up Yo Self...

....and other youth phrases that I don't understand or want to for a number of reasons.

Second round of the Mordheim wilderness campaign last night and the Boyz got through their fresh coat of varnish surprisingly well.

Playing a 3 way Hidden Treasure game the treasure went to Rich pretty quick and then he legged so myself and Jon let him, getting stuck into each other instead.

The "Pit-Fight" mini multi-player saw 4 of us fighting out a loot laden Breakthrough and I ended up with quite a haul for zero casualties. Result!

As a result I spent my lunchbreak today working out a couple of possible lists for the possible Mordheim - Zombie Village, or Zom-Heim as I've branded it (sounds like a cold war Russian research facility), at around the 600 point / crown mark.
Thinking of an elite unit of skirmishers a la Sharpe's 95th, using the Reiklander list for the BS 4Marksmen;
- 1 Captain (Sharpe / Roger) with handgun and sword
- 1 Champion (Sgt Harper) with handgun
- 7 Marksmen (Chosen Men / Rangers) with handgun

Protagonist wise using the Undead list in two different ways;

Classic Vampiric types;
- 1 Vampire (Bitey Von Big-Teeth) with sword
- 1 Necromancer (Rasputin)
- 1 Dreg (Igor)
- 15 Zombies (The Risen)
- 4 Dire Wolves (Hell-Hounds)

The Ghoul Family Stinkerson

- 1 Vampire (Mr Stinkerson) with sword as Ghoul King
- 1 Necromancer (Mrs Stinkerson)
- 1 Dreg (Master Stinkerson)
- 6 Ghouls (The Disturbed)
- 3 Dire Wolves (Family pets)

The human mercenary list is a bit limited unless everyone has a handgun, though I can see the Witch hunter list working well for mobs of locals on their way to the castle-burning social. The Elven lists may do the job for the Ranger and Indian types better.

The only other thing might be the "National Characteristics" that always come along with these things i.e. British / American / French / Hessian etc. That Tabletop Geeks downloads pages is going to get some serious abuse!

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